PO4 PO5 Photography Zine by Creative Gibraltar

PO4 PO5 Photography Zine by Creative Gibraltar

Creative Gibraltar is a collective of artists composed of Patrizia Imossi, Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga & Christopher Tavares, born and based in Gibraltar. Creative Gibraltar have produced a number of photography zines in print and online and their most recent is PO4 – PO5, by Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga. The zine is a collection of Stefano’s film photography taken around Southsea between 2010 and 2012, a visual reference of his development as a photographer through his most inspiring year since he started taking photos; the year photography became more of a serious pursuit.

“The photos in this book took me through a journey of discovery, from those photos I took during the Autumn of that year when I was carefree to the ones I took during the Spring, during breaks and on the walks to and from University as I wrote my dissertation; making the most of every single free moment to snap. From those photos I took when I thought I had already seen it all in Portsmouth to the new places I discovered when I returned for a week in July 2012. And from the happiness I felt as I boarded a flight back to Gibraltar in June to the time I stood by the Solent in July wishing I had that extra bit of time to do everything I missed out on during not only that final year in Portsmouth but the other two previous years.

I know I might not have said the best things about Southsea – and Portsmouth in general – in the past but I will always miss the island and its people”.

– Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga

The zine is 22 pages long and can be viewed online for free HERE and you can view more of his work at:


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