Digital Film Making Course

Portsmouth Film Society are running two new courses at Omega Centre, this spring.

20 April PFS Animation Course
11am- 1pm for 10 weeks
This course aims:
Each learner will create his or her own short stop-motion animation. During the project, learners will identify camera distance and angles, story telling with frames and will work with Premiere Pro edit programme, use sound effects and music. Learners will discover the technical side of creating animations, and will watch and discuss other animation films. Suitable for young filmmakers with parents.

24 April- PFS Film Appreciation Course
Wednesday 7pm-9pm for 10 weeks
This course aims:
To be a learning journey for those who wish to learn film history and culture. Learners will identify the range of films. Starting from the silent era, up to the end of the 20th century. In ten weeks, the learner group will come together to join a seminar discussion with presentations, and guest speakers, and what a classic example film, matched with the topic. This is a great introduction to understanding the wider world of cinema.

If you wish to book one of the PFS courses, please email to : info@portsmouthfilmsociety.org.uk

Also the Omega Centre is starting a new film-making course
Digital Film-making Course on 22 March, Friday (10am-12noon)
This course aims :
To demonstrate to learners the craft of video production, to allow them to use video equipment effectively and creatively, and to show them the processes that go into making films and TV programmes. An emphasis is also placed in the process of film making, involving problem solving skills, increasing self awareness and developing good interpersonal skills to enable learners to work well in groups and with any external partners towards the production of films.

If you wish to find out more about prices and to book your place for this course then you can email portsmouth@wea.org.uk or call 023 92 291346



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