2012 Graphic Design MA Exhibition – Create. ...

2012 Graphic Design MA Exhibition – Create. Record. Decode.

Next Wednesday 21st November 3 graduates from the Portsmouth University Graphic Design MA course are opening their exhibition ‘Create. Record. Decode.’ The preview evening is open to all and being held at Room 237 on Elm Grove. Be sure to pop down, expand your mind, discuss, discover and meet the designers themselves. ‘Visualize’ instead of ‘understand’? All that and there is free booze…

Orders Of Magnitude by Brendon Bostock

The nature of this enquiry was to investigate whether graphic design and an engagement with its material aspects can enhance the way that scientific information is disseminated to an audience. The intended outcome was to encourage the audience’s conceptual engagement with the ways in which the concept of universal scale is understood and interpreted. Specifically the enquiry explored the use of type, image and materials to visually interrogate the orders of magnitude which describe length.

Eldon Sans by Stuart Lambon

This motive for this project was an exploration into the influences of type design. It aimed to understand the distinctions and similarities between writing, lettering and typography to further explore the handwritten word within historical and contemporary typefaces. A typeface was created alongside ongoing research to learn first-hand how to create such forms, and this practice was beneficial to the project. The typeface developed for this project was named, ‘Eldon Sans’.

The Reading Process – A Model by Balazs Hajnal

This project aimed at finding a way to illustrate the reading process comprehensively including the psychological and physiological processes and interactions that happen between a source of visual information, the eye and the brain/mind. It discovered the reading process on several levels; these levels are: letter identification, word identification and sentence reading. The main goal of this project was to model often overlooked connections between psychological and physiological aspects of the reading process and represent these in diagrammatic form.


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