Cheryl Williams 366 Days

Cheryl Williams 366 Days

Here is a little piece from my friend Cheryl Williams about a personal project she’s undertaking over the year.

“I’ve never really done the whole new years resolution thing before, but I had really been thinking about things that I had always wanted to do and decided that it was as good a time as any to set about doing those things. So, I decided to that I was going to make 2012 the year of challenges. The first thing that I set my sights on was the 366 day challenge – to take a photo every day of the year. I’m doing it all using the camera on my phone (HTC Wildfire S), and various editing apps that I download on it. I figured that it was the best way to achieve the goal, as it just isn’t practical to carry an SLR around with me all the time, and it enables me to be creative in the most random of situations. Because, lets face it, I am always going to have my phone on me! I’m just taking a photo if and when I see a photo opportunity – but there are occasions when it gets close to midnight and I try to make an everyday object look creative and different in some way.”

“I have always loved photography, really got into it when I was travelling. I have gone through stages of being into different aspects, I did the event thing for a while, loved the effects of crazy lights and lazers, but now I think I am more into ‘life’ photography. Making boring things look different, and portraying candid life to express a meaning.”

I really like what Cheryl’s doing and I encourage anyone on Flickr to follow her progress on her account.


  1. Derek Thomas

    18 April

    This is a great thing to do and really interesting to see. I hope it carrys on past 366. I do something similar and am currently at 735. It was tough in the early days but now its just part of everyday life and is great to look back on.

  2. Cheryl Williams

    18 April

    Thank you. I feel it is already becoming part of my day to day life. I love doing it so much. 735, that is impressive, well done. Where do you post your photos? I’d like to see them.

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