Angelo Tirotto – No Place Like Home

Angelo Tirotto – No Place Like Home

2012 is going to be an exciting year for my friend Angelo Triotto, here is a little more from him as to why…

“There’s not much to say about me. I’ve spent most of my life working in the graphic design industry until recently when I opened the graphic novel boutique, Room 237. I’m obsessed with Skateboarding, Zooey Deschanel, Bruce WIllis, Karen O and Suicide Girls and hope one day I’ll get to move to L.A. to enjoy, stalk and/or meet them all.”

“However, I also write comic books. My debut work, No Place Like Home, is being published internationally in February by Image Comics, the #1 creator-owned comic book publisher in the world. Surpassed industry wide only by long standing giants Marvel and DC, Image has been instrumental in shaping the comic book genre and is home to some of the most award winning creators and titles including The Walking Dead, now a house hold name after it’s very successful transition to TV.”

“It’s both an honour and a privilege to have my work published by Image, a rare opportunity for an unknown writer from Southsea. I am extremely humbled by the trust they have put in my work and hope everyone who gets to read No Place Like Home enjoys it as much as I did creating it.”

“For those interested, I’ll be a guest at this years Kapow! Comic-Con in London as well as the San Diego Comic-Con in the United States, so stop by and say hello. Alternatively you can always find me putting the world to rights at Room 237 on Elm Grove, I’m always happy to to meet new people and talk about the things we love.”

You can follow Angelo on Twitter.

Strong Island bring you more information closer to the February release or get in touch with Angelo to pre order?

Angelo Tirotto


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