THE KINGS COMPANY – A Drama Group for Adults...

THE KINGS COMPANY – A Drama Group for Adults at The Kings Theatre

The Kings Theatre are happy to announce the start of its new drama group for adults known as The Kings Company. The first session is on Friday 2nd February at 2pm and everyone is welcome regardless of acting ability. The first few weeks will focus on gaining new skills, creating monologues and intimate performances around the theatre working towards the first performances on the main stage this Easter. The Kings Theatre is also involved with a new Victorian Festival this year in early July and The Kings Company will also be performing at the Festival.

If you require further information about joining the group or you would like to reserve your place contact Rachel Goodall on email at Rachel.goodall@kingsportsmouth.co.uk.

The first session is FREE and the cost after that is £5 per session or 10 sessions for only £50.00. To pay please phone the Kings Theatre box office on 02392 82 82 82.


Looking up to the ornate ceiling of the Kings Theatre, photo by Duncan Allen

Kings Theatre, photo by Duncan Allen.


  1. M.J.Robberts

    22 August

    Hello Kings Company
    Please advise me if I speaking to the wrong company. I am an established playwright with a number of awards for comedy and drama to my name.
    In 2019 I was commissioned by a London theatre to write a play that would highlight various aspects of D-day in WW2. I chose a subject dear to my heart, one that would reveal WW2 facts that have been swept under the carpet; but specifically associated with Portsmouth. Due to the virus the contract has now expired, but the play, now largely re-written, remains. In the hope that Coronavirus allows, I would like to submit this drama (script) to the Kings Company at your convenience. Please advise.

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