Review: Allegory ‘Syncopation’

The last time I wrote about Allegory they had put on a night at the Loft to launch a new single, back in October last year. Boy, how time flies! They’ve now got a new single ‘Syncopation’, which was released on the 25th August. It’s a softer sweeter approach to their unique sound. This is apparently a permanent change to their style so we’ve got more of this to look forward to. Lucky me got to have a listen an also ask lovely vocalist Ellie Day a few questions about the exciting and very artistic ideas behind their new song.

Syncopation is the first single off the upcoming EP Sound Canvas, due for release next year. The word means a variety of rhythms which are in some way unexpected which make part or all of a tune or piece of music off-beat. As Ellie explains “When I sing the word Syncopation in the chorus of the song it is syncopated in the way that the syllables Syn-co-pa-tion fall on the offbeat in part. The abstract art used for the single is also an expression of this, the four dots represent the beats”.

To begin, the music is comprised of soft keyboard over brushed drums. It sounds a little like the backing track for an indie film about two people who meet looking for the same author in a bookshop. There’s something romantic about it. And it seems this feeling is in keeping with the songs intentions. “The track is about how we move through life with our own rhythm but every now and again someone comes into your life that disrupts that rhythm”.

And Ellie’s vocals are developing nicely. Accompanying the subtler backing music, her vocals are a lynch pin to the song and every sound she utters effects the overall feel. The Kate Bush element to her style are a difficult skill to master and there are some lovely parts to the song where she nails the precision of timing and tone. The chorus is, in particular, really rather beautiful. The bridge as well builds with a more powerful presence from the instruments before dissipating back into the gentle and unassuming close.

And it’s a grower too, the more I’ve listened to this for writing the review, the more I want to go back to it again. That’s an exciting thought when we’ve got a 6 track EP due. As Ellie explains “Each song will have its own artwork created by myself consisting of an abstract representation for each which will then be amalgamated on the front cover. The separate abstracts will be represented alongside the lyrics of each song in a booklet that will come with the hard copy of the EP”.


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