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HMS M.33

Free M33 Photography Project With Strong Island & The National Museum of the Royal Navy

Strong Island Media working with The National Museum of the Royal Navy present a new photography project focusing on the historic WWI ship HMS M.33, located at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. Over a series of four half-day workshops participants will learn about the basics of photography, the ship, archive images from WWI, how to shoot & hand develop 35mm film and then the creation of a final exhibition on board the M.33 of the images created during the project. The M.33 Photography Project takes place over Thursday morning/early afternoon workshops (from 10am to 2pm) throughout October & November 2016. Only 12 places are available on each workshop and places (and materials) are FREE thanks to the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

The four workshops in the photography project are planned to take photographers, from beginner to experienced, from improving camera skills all the way to being part of the exhibition at the end so it would be great if participants could book on to every workshop and take part in the project all the way through, but this isn’t necessary and workshops can be booked individually. The workshops are:

Photography Basics (Digital)
6th October, 10am to 2pm

This first workshop, in the series of four, covers learning the photography basics onboard and around the M.33. Participants on the workshop will learn about aperture, shutter speed, composition and more in the first 2.5 hours while exploring M.33. During a lunch break participants on their cameras would select a series of their favourite images from the earlier walk, which in the following part of the workshop will be displayed on a projector and reviewed as a group, looking at different techniques used, how to develop ideas, etc.

Book online HERE.

Looking Back and Forward (Digital)
13th October, 10am to 2pm

This second workshop looks at how images of the M.33 through the years help to tell a story. Participants will first look at a series of historical WWI archive images and look at the differences they have aesthetically to today, considering the techniques and cameras used, film, developing, etc. The participants will then explore the M.33 with these images in mind and to also find their favourite views and object on board ship too. These digital images will then be related back to the original archive images and be prepared for the following workshop 3.

Book online HERE.

Photograph the M.33 With 35mm Film
27th October, 10am to 2pm

This third workshop sees participants first getting to grips with a 35mm camera and rolls of 35mm, learning the different functions and how to load film. Participants will be encouraged to bring their own 35mm camera(s) but there will be one or two for people to borrow. The participants would then shoot one roll of Black & White film of 36 exposures on-board the M.33 with the previous workshop’s digital images in mind. After lunch the group will learn how to develop their rolls of 35mm film by hand with changing bags, chemicals, developing canisters, etc. With the negatives developed and drying, the photographers will identify their films and 3-4 images on them that they would like to have printed before the next workshop.

Book online HERE.

Create a Photography Exhibition
3rd November, 10am to 2pm

This fourth and final workshop sees participants reviewing their printed 35mm images from the previous workshop and then as a group work out how they would like them displayed on board the M.33. The group would write, print & mount information panels and then hang their exhibition on-board the ship. The group would then open their exhibition and greet visitors, explain the project & their work, etc.

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Strong Island Media have been delivering photography workshops for 5 years and in the last 18 months run over 30 different ‘Photography Walkshops’ in and around Portsmouth for photographers of all ages and abilities.

Find out more: www.photowalkshops.com


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