A Strong Islander Abroad Part 3: Thailand

A Strong Islander Abroad Part 3: Thailand


Thailand, the land of smiles, is an experience at any time of year but in the month of April temperatures are at a high and the infamous water festival, ‘Songkran’ takes place. Strong Islander Abroad was out in full force capturing the watery festivities and meeting people celebrating the Thai New Year.

The floating market is one of Bangkok’s oldest and most adored trading areas and is visited by hundreds of people each day. Whether it is sticky rice and mango you’re after or some fresh bbq’d fish you will find a tasty treat or two when a smiley chef pulls up next to you. Aoi, a 46 years old trader, originally from Surin province has sold coconut ice cream with sticky rice and toppings for 3 years on the market and in this hot season is never short of business with temperatures souring to 40 degrees.

…in the month of April temperatures are at a high and the infamous water festival, ‘Songkran’ takes place

Pearl Kennedy, California, SONGKRAN

…frying everything from cockroaches to scorpions for unusual snacks…

Khaosan Road has been a hub for travellers for many years and has always thrived on its backpacker community. The Thai culture attacks you as soon as you embark on the street. Food is the first thing that captures your attention and so I stopped for a cheeky Pad Thai with Phung, who has been mixing noodle concoctions for 2 years with his sister June. Both work and sending money home to their family in rural Thailand the siblings have been cooking and selling as a team since they were at school and confidently feel that they make the best fried noodles in Bangkok.

Nid is Khaosan’s bug lady, frying everything from cockroaches to scorpions for unusual snacks. Her favourite bug snack is chilli and salt ants deep fried and then shaken up with fresh basil, which apparently bring you good health and a long life span, who knew! A lovely lady with a passion for getting ferrangs (foreigners) to try her culinary cuisine.

Meet Stephan (Ash) Tomecko, an expat living and working in the city. He studied In Australia and now works professionally here in Bangkok. An amazing friend from my Brighton Uni days I caught up with him for a hello and a taste of some craft beers that he helps develop here in Bangkok. Hazelnut pale ale, well worth a try chaps! He was also extremely useful when trying to figure out the MRT (metro) system, thanks buddy!

See you soon for more Thailand adventures soon Strong Islanders.

…Hazelnut pale ale, well worth a try…

Im a local girl with big love for her beautiful city. A Scuba Diving Instructor and Travel Writer/Author by trade and now a trainee teacher, I love being busy and filling my days up with as much as possible. Writing for Strong Island in my free time helps me stay connected with whats going on in Portsmouth and gives me an opportunity to tell everyone about all of the great things that go on here.


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