Southsea Skatepark Featured in new Skateboarding B...

Southsea Skatepark Featured in new Skateboarding Book ‘Sk8-80s’

Goes without saying that at the high of the 1980s skateboarding boom Southsea Skatepark was one of the key places to skate, party, see skate tours and much more. At the time some 80s skateboarding pros called Southsea and the skatepark home (Gary Lee, Mark & Barry Abrook) and with so many visiting skaters from all over the world coming to legendary competitions the park was well and truly on the map internationally too. Photos to this day appear on blogs and Instagram from the Bones Brigade demos, Zorlac, Ben Schroeder and so many names burnt in to skateboarding history.

UK photographer Paul Duffy and long time UK skater Mark ‘Trawler’ Lawler have come together this year to create a new book that for the first time tries to capture raw skateboarding across the UK and Europe in the 1980s. ‘Sk8-80s’ is 212 pages of A4 full bleed rawness and is being self-published with it just this week now up for pre-order. The cover itself features Scottish skater Davie Phillip with a layback smith in the ‘new’ pool at Southsea Skatepark and the sneak peeks so far see the late USA skater Steve Schneer at the Shut Up and Skate comp on Southsea vert ramp. In a nice indirect way the other sneak peek spread sees Hugh ‘Bod’ Boyle on the Swansea vert ramp which just happened to have Southsea’s Claire Sambrook on the platform shooting photos at the time.

Another nice connection, Paul Duffy submitted the photo of the Southsea guys bombing the Tricorn carpark ramp to our Tricorn project last year…hoping that is in the book too.

You can find out more about the book on Facebook HERE and you can now pre-order the book for £21.99 at the link below:


Skateboarding Book 'Sk8-80s'

Skateboarding Book 'Sk8-80s' (2)

Skateboarding Book 'Sk8-80s' (3)

Skateboarding Book 'Sk8-80s' (4)


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