Burning Beaches Interview by Grace Aquilina

Burning Beaches Interview by Grace Aquilina

Last weekend at Blissfields, Grace managed to get hold of Burning Beaches’ lead singer, Sam McCarthy for a quick chat about his Blissfields experience.

Hello! So, what’s been your highlight of Blissfields so far?
Wolf Alice! Yeah, they’re friends from Camden, so yeah seeing them was really good. Also, hanging out with them yesterday was really fun.

Can people expect a Burning Beaches album or EP soon?
Oh, yeah! We’ve got another festival next month but as soon as that’s done we’re going to record another EP and get it out as soon as possible, hopefully September.

Sounds sweet! And so, about the EP: what’s the main inspiration for it? Have you been influenced much by other bands or genres?
Um, I don’t think so. No, not really, we’re just trying to do what we do live, but on record.

How has Blissfields been overall?
I’ve had such a great time at my first Blissfields. It was bigger than I expected. The mixture of people was a nice surprise too. It’s somewhere you can go a bit nuts with your mates but also has a great family vibe to it. I’ll definitely be going next year.

And finally, what is music to you?
Music plays such a big part in my life, whether I am playing with Burning Beaches or writing songs for other people, I am always keeping myself busy with it. Really cannot decide which I prefer- being in the studio or playing live.

Huge thanks to Sam for finally staying in one place so I could talk to him and also to the band, who were awesome when they played the Hustle Den! The music was raw and heavy (this could be partly due to them performing rather early and a night of drinking beforehand) but seriously, live rock and hot coffee isn’t the worst way to wake up.

Burning Beaches


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