Southsea Fashion Week 2014 By Samantha Bartlett

Southsea Fashion Week 2014 By Samantha Bartlett

The Strong Island team are excited to announce that Samantha Bartlett will be our correspondent at this years Southsea Fashion Week. The event will be taking place over three days on June 12th-14th at Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard. Samantha has recently interviewed Lauren Barnett who is the Liaisons Manager for Southsea Fashion Week.

How you ended up involved in an exciting event like Southsea Fashion Week?
It’s the first addition of Highbury College’s Southsea Fashion Week, with students from the Fashion & Clothing course running things. There has been Southsea Fashion Weeks before, with other individuals running them, however this year our college tutor, Kevin Freeman thought it would be a great idea if we organised and managed the whole event.

So will this count towards your coursework?
Well, there is usually an end of year fashion show at the Pyramids in Southsea, based on first and second year’s end of collections. However, this year they wanted something bigger and better, so the college decided to head up Southsea Fashion Week. Five students in the class were asked to volunteer to each have a job role, with myself being Liasons Manager. It’s been down to the students to organize everything.

What does your role involve?
I’m the person who gets all of the retailers and designers in and I’m also helping to promote the event on Instagram. As well as this, I’m helping with more general stuff too, such as putting posters and flyers around to try and raise awareness of the event.

Southsea Fashion Week

Along with the students, who else will be involved in the show?
We have quite a few independent retailers who will be part of the show, as well as a couple of designers. We’re trying to keep things local as possible to discover and promote local talent. Things are still in progress at the moment, however we are excited about the people already on board.

What can people expect from this year’s show?
Lots! The first day, the Thursday, will concentrate on hair and beauty. Then on Friday there will be the independent retailers, who will each have a stall and the independent designers, who will have their own show. On Saturday, the independent retailers will return and there will be showcases of students major final projects. These can be on anything. One of the students is concentrating on gypsy theme, another is focusing on the ‘Clueless’ film and I’m doing 70’s punk!

How would you describe your own style?
I am definitely into my vintage. I have my own business on Facebook where I sell this sort of clothing. Obviously I’m quite busy at the moment, so I haven’t been able to put as much effort in as I’d like at the moment, but it’s definitely something I’m passionate about.

Southsea Fashion Week

Do you think Southsea has it’s own unique style?
Oh yeah definitely – is renowned for being quite quirky and unique. You can definitely see this when you go out here at the weekend because everyone is so individual. I think that’s great.

What would you say are the biggest influences in fashion right now?
When it comes to designers, I love what Moschino has done recently. It’s not easily wearable but that’s what I like about it. When it comes to celebrities, I think people like Fearne Cotton, Rihanna and Rita Ora are definitely big influences. Cara Delevingne is also a huge as she is everywhere at the moment.

How can people buy tickets for this year’s Southsea Fashion Week?
The tickets are a bargain at just £2.50 each per day (Or £8 for a family of four). People can buy these from the Healthy & Beauty reception at Highbury College in Cosham at the moment and they will available to purchase online from our website soon.

Do you have any other ways people can keep up with whats going on for Southsea Fashion Week?
Yep, people can head to our Facebook page for the event or head to our Instagram page @SouthseaFW for updates.

23-year-old journalist & blogger Samantha currently works in Portsmouth. On her own blog she covers all things music, film and beauty reviews, fashion or just things she find entertaining. You can fine her blog at sammybblogs.wordpress.com and you can find her on Twitter @SammyLouBelle.

Southsea Fashion Week


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