Southsea Beach Cafe – First Day On Site

Southsea Beach Cafe – First Day On Site

With the increasing decline and surrounding speculation of South Parade Piers future it’s extremely encouraging to see anything positive happening with regard to our extensive seafront. Despite always being under scrutiny for one reason or another the seafront remains a very popular destination throughout the year and with continuous progress on the Southsea Seafront Strategy, the PCC backed Victorious Festival and the Seafront Masterplan, to name but a few, it really feels like things are starting to change for the better…

Southsea Beach Cafe most certainly suits the progressive nature we are all dying to see take place and is a welcome addition to what is currently a very run down area of the seafront. The new proprietors of the old toilet block and cafe opposite Canoe Lake and East of the pier have taken on something that will really bring a new lease of life to the area. Not to be overshadowed by movements of the once iconic South Parade Pier, SBC is set to become a very popular destination for both locals and passing visitors.

Today saw the real beginning as work on site began and progress became a reality in physical form. Once completed, SBC will be a well considered and contemporary cafe destination offering good quality food throughout the day and evening. Set in an very accessible area with the perfect vista the plans for SBC include both inside and outside areas for dining in a very relaxed and family friendly environment.

Offering a unique experience to Southsea is the addition of having a seasonally adaptable awning that can be retracted to reveal the delights of Summer sunshine, whilst also keeping off those chilly British winds, and equally in the Winter months shield you from the elements but still offer the feeling of being outside as you are protected by the awnings structural weatherproof glass. As awesome as it will be to visit in the summertime I’m certainly looking forward to some comfort food in the Winter with the sea crashing outside in the knowledge that I’m safe and sound from the elements!

We will be following SBC very closely over the next few months before their planned opening in early June and have a more in depth article with the owners coming soon to talk about the years of negotiation up to their final plans and down to what will be on the menu. For the time being you can follow Southsea Beach Cafe over at their Facebook page HERE.

Strong Island have the privilege to be working with Southsea Beach Cafe on both the brand identity and creative consultancy and we are extremely proud to be part of the journey with them and the people they are working with. We will be keeping you up to date with all the developments of this exciting new venture right up till the opening night, and beyond…








  1. Danielle Quirke

    14 April

    Yippee..sounds like the Southsea Beach Cafe will be a most welcome addition to our shoreline. Really pleased that they have got you guys on board too…as I know how brill you are having done art work for us

  2. tom

    15 April

    as if they are going to knock down that iconic beach faceing bus stop!?

  3. Gail oakley

    16 April

    This looks like a great addition. I only hope it won’t come with blaring music as so many cafés, pubs and restaurants do now. Please let us listen to the sea and have a conversation!

  4. Steve Langton

    16 April

    Nice to see this old site tidied up, sooo much better than the other
    new build that has begun on previously unspoilt beach land by
    ‘coffee cup’ company at eastney, shame.

  5. pompeybeach

    18 July

    I commend this great new venture;
    – though Im not sure with all the usual anti- hype, that Portsmouth Evening News (blurry) video will do any good at all, with drunks being carried past in the background 🙁 please get this taken down, or filmed by someone that knows what they are doing (& hint : the lack of a tripod shows just how amateurish this garbage is)

    Good luck guys, lets prove the doom-mongers wrong !!


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