Ruby Jeans Diner at The Registry

American food specialists Ruby Jean’s have recently taken over the kitchens in The Registry on St. Michaels Road.

Highlights include hand cut double fried chips, homemade burgers and homemade double breaded fried chicken. 2-4-1 Burgers are available all day every Tuesday. There are vegetarian options available on the menu, the haloumi and cranberry sandwich has received glowing reviews.

The Registry also offers an extensive selection of drinks from across the globe. Personal favourites of mine are Sierra Nevada and Blue Moon which are available on draft. I’m not normally one for cocktails but you’ll find four different types of Mojito on the menu including the Classic, the Hemingways, Very Berry and Strawberry.

You can view the whole menu yourself HERE.

The Registry and Ruby Jeans are both well represented on social media, you can find them both on Facebook and Twitter (@RegistryPub & @RubyJeansDiner).

Ruby Jeans

Ruby Jeans

Ruby Jeans


Ruby Jeans

  1. Grammar Police

    11 July

    Learn to write.

  2. Writing Police

    11 July

    This whole article is very badly written. The grammar is poor and sentences don’t make sense.

    It also sounds like someone’s personal blog, not the home of culture and information for Portsmouth and Southsea.

    How can you do a review of a diner without having actually tried it?!

  3. Davey T

    11 July

    “Ruby Jeans is speciality are hand cut double fried chips, homemade burgers and homemade double breaded fried chicken. 2-4-1 Burgers are available all day every Tuesday and all day every day just at the Registry. It’s not just for us carnivores, the haloumi and cranberry sandwich has received fav reviews.”

    I don’t even know where to start with this paragraph. “is speciality are”… WTF?

    When are the burgers available? It’s not clear.

  4. Tristan Savage

    11 July

    To be fair, with nearly 4000 posts in 5 years this is a rather minor hiccup. Especially when you bear in mind everything is done in our spare time around our day jobs. Sometimes on the move, sometimes running out of the door and sometimes, just sometimes, a little tipsy…and other times, like now, on my late lunch break at work.

    I love being pedantic personally, but as you are clearly new readers, or one person/persons making a stab (made up email addresses), you’ve not read any previous posts! Otherwise you’d know this is a pretty isolated incident.

    Naturally we’ll be more vigilant in the future. It’s always amazing how quick some people are to point out mistakes, but say nothing nice when it’s all going to plan.

  5. Stuart Barker

    12 July

    I’m slightly embarrassed as I’ve just seen what I’d written. It looked like I wrote it after drinking a few pale ales! I’ll make sure I double check my articles in future before posting.

    In answer to the questions, I wouldn’t say it was a review more of an article to promote a new local venture. Readers are encouraged to come back and share their views of the food here on the comments page.

    Any questions about the availability can be directed to the Registry. Details of how to contact them can be found on their website.

  6. Kelly and Alex

    15 July

    After reading the comments on this thread yesterday, we decided to head to the Registry to sample the Ruby Jeans menu.

    We had a burger each (one meat, one veggie) both with 2 extra toppings and 2x drinks. £16 in total which we considered very reasonable.

    The food was great, the chips were delicious, burgers very tasty and great to see more than one option for vegetarians. I’ll definitely be going back and try the halloumi and cranberry sandwich.

    Thanks for the heads up Strong Island team.

    (written pre pale ales)

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