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Did you know we have one of the finest Pilates Teachers in the UK right in here in Southsea? For those curious or looking for an alternative to the gym check out the Everybody Pilates Studio in Kings Road.

Amy Kellow is the owner of Everybody Pilates who has been practicing Pilates for over 8 years. She began her Pilates journey attending local Pilates mat classes and developing her personal practice. She noticed a change in her body shape, the enthusiasm grew and she completed a mat certification. Amy soon discovered the differences in the styles of Pilates being taught and it became quickly apparent that Classical Pilates was the real deal. She decided to focus her training in Classical Pilates and created her own dedicated Pilates Studio in the Old Treasury building in Kings Road. The Studio celebrates it’s 4th Birthday in October.

Amy is mentored by Jay Grimes who is a Pilates Elder – effectively one of the best Pilates instructors in world. She travels to Los Angeles twice a year to work with Jay. In September this busy lady is also running her own Classical Pilates Convention in Windsor where Jay Grimes will teach along with other international Pilates stars.

The Southsea studio also run an educational side which is blossoming where enthusiasts from all over the UK attend weekend workshops.

Pilates Classes are available throughout the week Monday to Saturday. Everybody is welcome regardless of fitness level. A busy women, and clearly someone who knows what she is doing So, whether you have specific fitness goals, ongoing back problems or just love pilates they have a session for you. Get loose over at www.everybodypilates.co.uk


Photo by: Jack Daly for his People With Passions project.

  1. Sian

    5 June

    Amy is indeed amazing, I’ve only ever found one other Pilates studio in the UK as good and I’ve lived pretty much all over thanks to my job-or no thanks since I had to move away and have yet to find a Pilates studio or instructor anywhere near as good. Make the most of a local and great teacher if you can.

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