Beach Community – Volume II

Local music promotor Patrick Francis McNaught recently got in contact about their latest, and FREE, Beach Community compilation (Sorry about the delay mate. Need to quite the day job, ha). Patrick runs a local music promotions page called Beach Community and they have released their second FREE compilation download featuring 38 local bands. There’s some wicked stuff on there and they really want to get the word out to as many people as possible so they can get a real taste the local music scene.

“I started Beach Community back in May last year. The idea is to get all the bands, promoters, punters, graphic artists photographers, music journalist ect together to build a wider music community in Portsmouth. We generally run off the DIY punk ethic, a lot of our stuff is done on a shoe string budget if any budget at all but in the digital age that isnt always an issue! We run a 500+ strong music forum that is used daily and our main news page that is slowly growing too. We have also dabbled in our own shows, putting on friends bands is always fun and also generate a bit of income for beach community!

So, we released our second FREE compilation download. After the success of ‘Volume 1’ which was released last summer we decided it was time to step up our game and make our second even bigger. The download contains 38 tracks from bands dotted around the city, a huge variety is available it has everything from Rock and Roll to Hip Hop, Punk to Math/prog rock. I’ve already had people tell me that they did’t know half the bands existed and that so many were that good! I am hoping the download will bring people to shows and buy local records, that’s the over all aim anyway. We’re not looking to make any money from these we just want to help out our friends in these bands and to create a bigger music community within the city. All our artwork/graphics work has been done through local graphic designer Myles Bartholomew who does a ton for the local music scene providing poster designs, album art work and logo’s for local bands/record labels.”

To get a real idea of what Patrick and Beach Community are getting up then head over to their Facebook page HERE and delve in to their music forum HERE. Of course, don’t forget your FREE download HERE. Great stuff.

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