Lost and Found on the Circle Line, A new My Dog Si...

Lost and Found on the Circle Line, A new My Dog Sighs Film by Strong Island Media

Today sees the launch of Strong Island Media‘s new collaborative short film with Portsmouth street artist & Strong Island contributor (and behind the decks on Where’s Me Jumper nights) Paul Stone AKA My Dog Sighs. ‘Lost and Found on the Circle Line’ starts off with My Dog Sighs on the Southbank in London dropping of work for a Free Art Friday (at the same space where he was featured on the BBC’s Culture Show recently) before he makes his way down in to the Underground with two special Canman cans…

This is the second film collaboration between My Dog Sighs and Strong Island Media, the first was the award shortlisted ‘A Can is Born’ which has had over 30 thousand views after going viral across the world last year with it shown on websites such as The Huffington Post & MSNBC as well as hundreds of art and street art websites and blogs. You can view A Can is Born HERE.

‘Lost and Found on the Circle Line’ was co-written and produced by My Dog Sighs to help promote his new London solo exhibition ‘Walk By, Ignore Me, Forget You Ever Saw Me’ at London Westbank Gallery, 133-137 Westbourne Grove, London, W11 2RS. The exhibition runs from Thursday 21st March to Sunday 31st March 2013.

A huge thank you to Jack Daly (infront of the camera for a change) and to Louise Duane-White for all their help in the production. You can see lots of behind the scenes photos over on the Strong Island Media Facebook page and you can find out more about Strong Island Media on the website:


Music is by Steve Bailey, an old friend who now lives in Australia. If you like the sound of this song be sure to give his SoundCloud page a listen for more.

(May be viewed full screen in HD)

My Dog Sighs in London


  1. Tristan

    13 February

    I think that’s the least amount of paint I’ve ever seen on My Dog!

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