5th Annual King Street Tavern Art and Craft Fair

5th Annual King Street Tavern Art and Craft Fair

Now a firm favourite for those looking for those special art and craft Christmas presents and a drink in one of the best pubs in the city, the Annual King Street Tavern Art and Craft Fair is back tomorrow for the fifth year running. The fair goes on throughout the day until 4pm and is well worth a visit.

The hand screened poster design is by Petting Zoo who have recently produced artwork for Bat For Lashes and ALabama Shakes.

King Street Tavern Poster by Petting Zoo


  1. Lauren

    14 December

    Do you know what time it starts, and if the poster is available for purchase at the fair?

  2. Midday I think – and yes, yes it is


  3. Lauren

    14 December

    Oh fab – are they available online or over the phone at all today, or do I need to come to the fair?

  4. Hey Lauren… they’ll be available online after the fair if they don’t all go.

    In the gigposters game there are a number of rules of play (quite a few actually)… a biggy, quite high up on the list is “thou shall not sell a poster till they have been sold at the gig” …this is to ensure that ticket-buyers who go to the show to support the act have first dibs on what are often limited, one-off editions. This is one of the more sensible rules that I think most peeps can get behind and Petting Zoo adheres to it…

    however, we’re talking the King Street Tavern and not Brixton Academy… we certainly aren’t RUN DMC, more like a bunch of inky/stitchy/photo-twitchy nerds …so lets not get too up ourselves

    if you really can’t make it to the fair tomorrow you can tickle our paypal for a reservation

    email us : pzprints@gmail.com

    please note you will be paying a bit extra than fair players (postage, packing & krunk rider)


  5. Lauren

    14 December

    Cool – no worries, am hoping to get along tomorrow so will try and pick one up there.

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