Albert Road Directory – Call for Traders

Albert Road Directory – Call for Traders

Local design studio Warehaus recently got in contact regarding a new project to help promote Albert Road as a destination within the City, especially to the Freshers that will be arriving in the City this during September.

Over the years, Albert Road has become the ‘Camden Town’ of Portsmouth and by producing a Booklet promoting the businesses in the Road we can make sure that it continues to be the place to visit; whether that‘s for Shopping, Eating, Entertainment or just having fun.

The booklet is a 16 page A6, in full colour. The centre spread will feature a map of Albert Road showing all the businesses that have advertised in the booklet. By including your business in this publication you will be able to promote your business in a targeted and tailor-made way, through discounts etc.

If you feel your business would both gain at a commercial level and a community level then please contact Neil at neil@warehausstudio.co.uk with your details.

This is the first time a booklet has been produced to hep promote trade on Albert Road and help give it some extra boost and awareness. Please do take it in to consideration if you feel your business will help benefit.

  1. jay Raynor

    18 September

    Would be nice to put focus on somewhere other than albert road for a change.

  2. Josh

    18 September

    There is, it’s called the Southsea Directory and the Visit Portsmouth guide. Also, Team Locals and a myriad other online resources. You might want to hit up Google before writing inane comments.

  3. jay

    19 September

    you might want to find out the meaning of the word inane before using it.

  4. jay

    19 September

    hit up? Do you mean search on ?

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