The Island Interviews – Anthony Triggs

The Island Interviews – Anthony Triggs

The Island Interviews are a new series of in-depth video interviews with Portsmouth people who all have an interesting story to tell related to the island and the city. The interviews are produced in partnership with our sister media production company Strong Island Media.

The first interview is with long time Portsmouth journalist, photographer & author Anthony Triggs whose books on the history and photography of Portsmouth are definitive. If you have a book on Portsmouth & Southsea’s recent history told with photography, it is almost certainly one of Tony’s. With almost 30 years of photographing the city and exploring & researching Tony may well be the most knowledgeable person on the how the city has changed within it’s modern history.

We’re already planning episode two, more info on that soon. Let us know what you think and who in your eyes might be a great candidate for an upcoming Island Interview.


  1. Josh

    10 August

    Loved filming this and love the finished cut even more. Nice work Paul.

  2. Jim

    11 August

    Not meaning to cause offense but I can’t say I’m keen on the video I’m afraid guys. I found 14 minutes to be a little too long for me, it was all a little slow and I have to say I struggled to watch the entire thing. In my opinion some of Anthony’s story could have been left on the cutting room floor and the final film could have been a lot more streamline. A real issue for me was also the lack of visual diversity, there was an awful lot of face time and I feel you could have illustrated the narrative in more creative ways, rather than just the occasional pan over a photograph. Lastly, I found it rather off putting that Anthony was looking up the entire time, and on the rare occasions that the wide shot was used, for some reason he had been positioned in the centre of the shot. I’m not sure whether this was intentional or not but I personally found it to be quite uncomfortable.

    Overal though I must say that this is a highly commendable project and I look forward to finding out a little more about the people that make this island such a special place to live.

    Cheers, Jim

  3. Paul Gonella

    12 August

    Hey Jim, thank you for your thoughts, really appreciate it. We want these to be a bit more in-depth than the usual 5 minute quick interviews/promos but your point is spot on and will take that in to consideration. Concerning the cutaways, we had a limited time with Tony so wanted to spend that time focused on the interview. Not making excuses! Just these things all play a role. Thanks again.

  4. Josh

    12 August

    Hi Jim,

    In regards to the wide shot, I would’ve far preferred to shoot rule of thirds but panning right would’ve resulted in Paul’s arm and mic in shot. Small spaces = limited composition.

    Thanks for your comments though, they’re much appreciated.


  5. Nigel

    21 December

    Just bumped in to this, and wonder if Anthony Triggs will contact me.
    My grandmother (Triggs) lived in Somers St during the war, and we would walk along all the areas photographed. Thx Anthony, Nigel, New Zealand

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