Southsea Sisters WI

The name is still open to discussion but it looks like Southsea will soon have a new WI group. The awesome idea of the wonderful Naomi Thompson. Naomi has set up a Facebook group where you can find out more…

So why am I doing this? Well, when I lived in London there were the Shoreditch Sisters and Dalston Darlings WIs and trust me they were 2 fierce groups of independent women who made the most amazing things happen and who had a presence. (Sharmadean Reid of Wah Nails used to host the Dalston Darlings). Since returning to the homeland I have seen lots of creativity and activity groups, but most of this is organised by the chaps. I have also met a huge amount of clever, talented, creative and awe inspiring ladies and I feel there isn’t somewhere for women to meet, network, socialise and occasionally pool their awesome talents to become greater than the sum of their parts. 

If your interested in joining and finding out more Sue Atrill of the WI will be coming to answer your questions and provide us with key information on the 18th July, 7pm at Aspex Gallery. As a WI member, you will enjoy a varied programme that is chosen by each WI; every member can contribute ideas to the annual programme of speakers, activities and events – the options are only limited by your imagination!  Membership is a small £30 a year and you get  8 rad WI Life magazines a year too.




  1. Helen Thornton Flowers

    22 October

    I do hope you are active.
    Looking for a Portsmouth based womens group and would like a call please with contact details.
    Sincere regards

  2. Ashley Law

    31 October

    Has the group started yet? I’m 36, and want to meet more like-minded women. I looked on the Facebook page, but it looks a bit outdated…

    Please let me know if you’re meeting, where you’re meeting and what sort of things you do.

    Thanks. x

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