Easter Bike Ride

I imagine most of you that went on the Easter bike ride have forgotten it even took place (yeah, I know. Me included). The awful weather has literally overshadowed most outdoor activities for past months and driven many people inside to warmer and dryer havens.

We did however manage to get a dry day albeit pretty windy and cold. The sun shone for a few minutes when we reached the seafront for the obligatory beach photo and many braved the point at Spice Island for a few apres ride beers. A really good turnout again despite the temperamental weather. Still not back up to our 200+ rides when the weather is on our side, but still just as much fun.

The following videos are from Strong Islanders Sikes and Steven Vacher. Thanks for getting some footage guys. I really appreciate it and it helps capture the ride perfectly. I do apologise for the ‘lens lick’ at the end of the first video though…

Special shout out goes to the little dog that comes to every ride and has more fun than all of us put together. He loves it.

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  1. Charlie

    3 July

    Mad props to the dog.

  2. Josh

    4 July

    When’s the next one? TDF celebration when Wiggo wins?

  3. Tristan

    4 July

    Usually the day after Southsea Fest……

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