Strong Island Clothing Co. Launch Photos by Josh K...

Strong Island Clothing Co. Launch Photos by Josh Knill

Josh very kindly helped us out on the Strong Island Clothing Co. launch night taking photos of what went down, the results are below.

Josh is working with us on a few projects at the moment, you can check his photography and film work at www.oftenhover.com.


  1. Paul Peschisolido

    9 June

    A few screenprinted tee’s for £20 doesn’t make a “clothing company”. REAL EYES KNOW REAL LIES.

  2. Josh

    10 June

    Do better, then?

  3. Tristan Savage

    11 June

    Thanks for the support…

  4. Ben Mills

    12 June

    Interesting how you define ‘Company’ then? Everyone has to start somewhere.

    Life at Burton Albion must be really boring for you to troll on SI

  5. Paul 'the Pheonix' Peschisolido

    17 June

    You think is trolling? Nope. This is genuine criticism for the sole purpose of merited criticism. Trolling is a completely different thing.

    “Everyone has to start somewhere” – Completely true, but you’re starting with a Premium price, when it clearly is not a premium product – a 5 second google search offers me 10 screenprinted t-shirts for £3.99 delivered.

    39p —> £20. Justified?

    A clothing company should be able to tell me about the materials it uses and whether or not they are ethically sourced. Organic cotton? nope.

    A clothing company should design its garments. Not talking about the print I’m talking about the actual garments – custom cut? nope. tailored to certain specifications? nope. aiming for a certain style or type of fit? nope. Seasonal collections? nope.

    Oh and the pocket shirt is a bump of Obey.

    You need this, it’ll make you stronger. Aim for long term quality, class and respect rather than the quick buck mentality.

  6. Paul 'the Pheonix' Peschisolido

    17 June

    Despite that, I support you and wish you success, the designs are actually nice. Play up Pompey

  7. Paul Gonella

    17 June

    Hey, not sure what to call you, as I’m guessing you aren’t a professional footballer. Just wanted to respond and say that we do appreciate any criticism, be it positive or negative, we also will not be deleting posts or hiding away from criticism either. But. The only criticism that is of any real value is that formed from drawing an educated opinion on something.

    I do in part agree that cut and sew really sets a clothing label apart from the many, many companies out there at the moment. Sadly, that isn’t something we can financially approach at this moment, but it is certainly what we aspire to. Collectively we have years of fashion retail (lame term for it I admit) experience in our non-Strong Island lives and are more than aware of the complexities and costs of cut and sew and I’m happy to say we are already planning some items soon. Saying that, we don’t want to grab any old crap from China and knock it out, which brings me to quality.

    I do feel with your comment about 39p tees you haven’t owned one of our items or read our about page. The page is here if you want a look:


    I have a feeling you have never tried to seriously source any items of screen printed clothing before. You speak of quality but then refer to Google results that are simply economically impossible, something clear to anyone who has experience or who has researched the sourcing of screen printed items. Our tees are hand screen printed. That is by human hand, not a computer printer. Almost all items with three separate designs. That means three separate screens, hand pulled each time for each item. We don’t outsource the tees to a website who-knows-where either. Those places are very cheap, but you really do get what you pay for in regards to quality and care. We are very proud of our supplier and have a video of them at work on the about page, I recommend you have a look, they are amazing at what they do and have some serious top notch clients. We have worked with them for over two years now and people are still wearing tees from that very first batch. In these days of Primark and H&M items lasting a month that is something we take some pride in, to be fair. Due to the printing and care & attention in the design and production we do feel Strong Island garments are a premium product. Be that the tees, the bags, the crews or the key tags. Everything sourced or manufactured with quality and uniqueness in mind, before we even consider how on earth we might make a profit.

    All this comes from experience though, we aren’t starting from nowhere, we have produced Strong Island tees for two years now, with every batch selling out, each time quicker than the last. I think I can also safely say that is also without any complaints in either quality or customer service. What is new with this company is the diversity of the range, the quantity of stock and us putting our own (significant) money in to something we feel we can nurture and grow, something that hopefully people can support and be apart of. Just like everything we try to do with Strong Island. They can also offer opinions and ideas too on where we go right and where we go wrong. We will go wrong now and again, that’s just life.

    Blimey, apologies for the essay. I hope that helps give a little insight in to what we do and how we do it. We wouldn’t put our own money and dedicate so much time in to it if we didn’t want to do things right but also understand we’ll be learning valuable lessons along the way too. Stoked you like the designs, hopefully you might be inclined to pick up an item sometime maybe. I also hope you might see that we aren’t money grabbers! The Strong Island ethos has always been about doing something right and well and inevitably hoping the economics works out down the line. We have our fingers crossed!

    Feel free to give us a shout over email if you have any questions or thoughts.



  8. Paul 'the Pheonix' Peschisolido

    17 June

    Fair Paul, I’ve become jaded and cynical since my retirement. Good luck genuinely xxx

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