Kate Moross at South Downs College.

“Kate Moross is a London-based creative graphic designer/illustrator. As an illustrator she is best known for her work with three sided shapes, freeform typography working with high calibre clients. It wasn’t long before she established herself as one of the illustrators to work with. She has produced work with Cadburys, Topshop and Nike to name just 3 of an ever growing list. Triangle-loving Kate is one of today’s most sought-after designers in the world. She has in recent years moved into moving image and film, Kate has just finished the latest music video for the electronic duo Simian Mobile Disco.

In the past AS graphics & BTEC level 3 Extend Diploma in Media students have all taken part in workshops inspired by Kate Moross freeform typography. This task has always been very popular due to the vibrancy of Kate Moross and her work. This year we decided that we should put all the local students outcomes into a short video clip and send it to the artist hoping for feedback. To our good fortune Kate received the work and said ‘Wow your students work is amazing they have so much talent! I have to come to your college and meet them all’.

Kate came to South Downs College and presented to over 100 students across a variety different course from AS to foundation talking about her educational background and some highlights of her amazing career relating to graphics, illustration, fashion and music videos! Kate even found time to attend an AS graphics lesson demonstrating how she creates her work using illustrator on the apple macs. Students then presented their own sketchbooks discussing their work and future career ambitions, some people even got her autograph! The students have been invited to keep in touch though her twitter page and AS graphics have made an inspiring contact for future students to showcase there work to Kate.”

Paul Parsons, Graphics SDC

Multicutural Graphic: Melissa Casey & Cadburys Advert: Kate Moross


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