No Place Like Home – Issue 2 Competition

No Place Like Home – Issue 2 Competition

Wednesday 21st March see’s the release of the second issue of Angelo Tirotto and Richard Jordan’s No Place Like Home. The first issue of No Place Like Home was an instant worldwide sellout, receiving many glowing reviews and recommendations from critics and the industry. Interest in the book was even evident on eBay with copies being sold up to four times cover price only hours after it’s release. Due to the success of the debut, Image Comics announced a second printing of issue #1 with an all new variant cover to be released alongside issue #2 this Wednesday.

Angelo wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who has supported the book. “It was heartwarming to see so many people go out of their way to pick a copy (or three) up, and even better to hear people actually liked it. If I ever felt part of Southsea, it would be now, so, thank you Southsea, you’ve made it all worthwhile.”

In issue two “Dee’s world gets even more complicated when dead bodies, family secrets and a threat from the past set her down a road that will change her life forever! Who said coming home was easy?”

Angelo is offering five Strong Island readers the chance to win a copy of the second issue. All you have to do is answer the following question by emailing Angelo by Friday 23rd March at redrum@room237.co.uk.

Q: What was the last line of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz movie?

Issue two will be available from Room 237 on Elm Grove priced £2.25.


  1. Charlie

    20 March

    Stu, you have spelt Angelo’s last name wrong. Again.

  2. SpellingBee

    20 March

    Spelling Bee doesn’t like mistakes

  3. Stuart Barker

    20 March

    And he proof read it! Oops!

  4. Angelo

    20 March

    See what he did there Charlie, he passed the buck… oh Stu, oh dear, dear Stuey.

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