The Wedgewood Rooms Book

Back in the summer at the University of Portsmouth graduate show local photographer Katie Anderson had on show her book documenting Southsea’s The Wedgewood Rooms. The book is made up of different sections that all form a picture of what goes on behind the scenes, on the stage and the people that make it happen. The book also covers the history of the venue, even down to the cover being made up of all the acts that have performed there.

I contacted Katie to find out if the book was ever released (would love a copy) but sadly at the moment Katie is still looking for a publisher and/or funding. If anyone out there is interested in maybe making this book available in any way you can contact Katie at www.katieandersonphotos.com.


  1. BRETT

    1 February

    I really hope this book happens!!
    Seen soo many bands play at the wedgewood rooms through the 1990s up to today, be a really interesting book!

  2. Cathy Minto

    1 February

    What a fabulous idea, would love to buy a copy if you ever publish. Have spent many a happy hour at The Wedge

  3. joe P

    1 February

    This will touch a heart string of even the most hardened punk rocker, make it happen matey!

  4. Antony Turner

    2 February

    Such a great idea 🙂

  5. Stuart Barker

    2 February

    The book looks great. I’d happily get one. Fingers crossed we can get this one published!!

  6. Katie Anderson

    3 February

    Thanks everyone! Hopefully the more interest the greater the chances of it being something you can own!

  7. sam foot

    5 February

    maybe contact our local publishers http://www.spinnakerpress.co.uk or tricorn books? hope this helps

  8. sam foot

    5 February

    also not having seen the book (it looks really good) does it include the electronic/dance music heritage of the venue aswell as band scene?

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