Win a Strong Island T-Shirt

During a Spring clean over the weekend I came across a solitary Strong Island tee from our first ever run. Rather than put it in the shop we thought we would offer it to you, the readers.

How can you acquire this now rare and sold out piece of Strong Island history you ask? Well, it’s easy….

Simply comment on this post and tell us what building the ‘Dollar’s Store’ is suited above and what road it’s on and we’ll pick a random winner from the list next week. Bonus bonus points go to the best Seagull name in the form of stickers, badges and pride.


  1. David Poole

    26 January

    It’s on Albert road, two doors down from the kwiki mart above the car parts shop. Corner of Oxford road. I think the gull should be called Steven Seagull…. That is all x

  2. Fiona-Jane Brown

    26 January

    Corner of Albert Road and Oxford Road – the car place is called Total Motor Factors. The Seagull should be called Sammy, after the famous one on the news which stole Doritos from a shop in Aberdeen.

  3. Ben

    27 January

    Albert Road, Total Motor Factors (as everyone knows!), Seagull – “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”

  4. Lisa

    27 January

    It’s above Total Motor Factors Ltd on the corner of Albert Road and Oxford Road. I think the seagull’s name is Mutton Geoff.

  5. Samuel Smith

    27 January

    its on Albert road corner, Total Motor Factors 🙂 and that Seagull is Pompey’s next owner.

  6. Rob Litchfield

    27 January

    Ah, it’s on Albert Road, above Total Motor Factors. The Seagull is called Jeremy Wolfhunter III. Obviously…

  7. Stuart Barker

    27 January

    I’d laugh if anyone gets it wrong now.

    It’s obviously above Total Motor Factors, Albert Road. They’ve painted it since google street maps have been there though!

  8. Alix of Bigbluebed

    27 January

    er it is in Albert Road above Total Motors.

    Seagull is called Sausage and Chips, or just Chips for short.

  9. Derek Thomas

    27 January

    Its Total Motor Factors on Albert Road and I think that seagull once stole my ice cream.

  10. Lauren McPeak

    27 January

    Above Total Motor Factors on Albert Road. Gulliver?? Oh dear.

  11. Martin

    27 January

    Er, is it above Total Motor Factors on Albert Road/Oxford Road corner…

    To go a bit high-brow, the seagull should be called ‘Chekhov’…

  12. Tristan

    27 January

    Looks like it’s all down to naming the Seagull now…..

  13. Caroline

    27 January

    Corner of Albert Road and Oxford Road – the top of Total Motor Factors, opposite the bus stop that I sit at every morning!

  14. Caroline

    27 January

    Oh and the seagull’s name has to be Stephen…Stephen Seagull (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steven_Seagal)

  15. Stace

    28 January

    Top of Total as everyone has said.

    The bird has spanish roots. His name is San MiGUL !

  16. Jim P

    28 January

    Above total motor factors albert rd. the name for the seagull should be ‘Cap’n Slappy’ and to be said in a pirates/saliors voice…

  17. Wez Moore

    29 January

    It’s above Total Motor Factors on Albert Road/Oxford Road. To promote the new Muppets movie the seagull should be called Jason. x

  18. Lewis McKenny

    9 February

    Corner of Albert and Oxford road!, the seagull is called Gulldilocks.

  19. Tristan Savage

    9 February

    Bit late I’m afraid Lewis. Sorry.

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