Craft it Forward 2012

So Craft it Forward 2012 has begun and it would be great to see some creatives from Portsmouth taking part in this worldwide project. I will send something (or maybe one of the other contributors will)  to the first 5 who leave a comment. Just mention in the comments that you want to participate.

After you receive my surprise, you have to do a blog post, Facebook or tweet about what I’ve sent you and continue Craft it Forward (send something handmade to the first 5 who comment). It can be anything (photo prints and zines or something sewed,stickers,cards…anything you like), as long as it is handmade or designed by you.

You can also take part on my blog.

So go on, craft it forward!

  1. My Dog Sighs

    6 January

    boom! I’m on board!

  2. Billie Cawte

    7 January

    This is a fantastic idea. Sign me up!

  3. Lou

    7 January

    just send your postal address to louise@strong-island.co.uk and I shall post of lovely things. Hope we get three more sign up! (sad face)

  4. Ami lowman

    7 January

    Count me in!! Xx

  5. Mary Eastman

    7 January

    What a fantastic idea, can I be number 5 please

  6. Ruth

    8 January

    Am I just too late for this?

  7. Chantelle Cheshire

    8 January

    I’m always too late for things, great idea xx

  8. Lou

    9 January

    I think its 6 altogether, so yeah join the fun! We will cap it at that though otherwise I will be awake for the next 7 days making things, ha ha! Just remember to email me your address x

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