Tricorn Sign Finds New Home

Tricorn Sign Finds New Home

Following on from THIS post in November 2011 about the aquisition of three Tricorn Shopping Centre signs, Steve Langton got in contact about what’s happening to them now since the auction. One of the signs has been donated to the Portsmouth Museum, one was being kept by the owner and the last was up for auction. Steve sadly missed out on getting himself a piece of local history due to being outbid. Or so he thought.

“I had a chat with the buyer and seller after and offered congratulations and told the seller that I’m a Tricorn fan, having skated there back in the 70’s and ’80’s (and for a last time just before demolition), I also met Ingrid my wife there in ‘grannys’ alternative night club. Anyway the seller caught up to me outside the auction after the chat and thanked me for taking the bidding up so high – as a thank you one lucky strong islander came away with, for a very reasonable price ……… The sign that was going to be kept by the owner!! (Gonna frame it up, back-light it and give to Ingrid for Christmas! ahhh) Happy ending.”

The signs are 14 foot by 4, dated 1966 and now one of them has been restored, framed and backlit as a present to Steve’s wife. Happy New Year.

  1. Voodoy Roy

    4 January

    Always been curious about the font for “Tricorn” – never seen it used anywhere else. Does it have a name, anyone know?

  2. Paul Gonella

    4 January

    Great story. Going to need a big wall for that!

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