Forgotten Portsmouth – Club & Ballroom

Forgotten Portsmouth – Club & Ballroom

Despite the constant and unstoppable drive of progress, the blitz of WWII and the constant need for new homes in such a populated city and island there are still the odd few places in Portsmouth where time has stood still. We want to try and highlight these on Strong Island as much as we can as who knows when they too will gradually disappear.

Mick Cooper (who works with Dave Allen in meticulously documenting Portsmouth’s musical heritage) recently was able to explore the unused floors above the casino in Osborne Road which used to be home to nightclubs and a beautiful old ballroom. Mick took some amazing photos of what is currently left, spaces that have been untouched for decades. Be sure to visit Mick’s website for the history of the building and load more photos HERE.

If you happen to do some urban exploration or discover some old places around the city be sure to get in touch, we would love to feature it.

(Obviously we don’t condone trespassing, and some places are closed because they can be dangerous and all that * cough, cough *)

  1. Louise

    13 December

    Really beautiful and haunting.

  2. Lisa Gomer

    13 December

    I always used to look thru the window on my way past and dream of making a period film in there. U used to be able to see an ornate stair case which u think was black n White with musical notes built into it. Awesome pictures.

  3. John Bagnall

    13 December

    God…there’s so much in this city that’s as worthy of preservation/renewal as anywhere where Nelson’s or Henry VIII’s feet once trod. C’mon, Portsmouth City Council, English Heritage, the National Trust et al: start investing in Portsmouth’s more immediate and real heritage.

  4. Gareth C

    13 December

    That is amazing – I have always wondered what was up there! Why is it unused??!!? Madness!!!

  5. Charlie

    13 December

    Wow……I can hear the haunting sound of an old piano from here…

  6. Stuart Barker

    16 December

    Is it safe? Great venue for an event!

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