CHAOS – 20 years & out!

20 years!!!! That has to go in the books as Southsea longest running night? Give or take, most people you bump in to have been to a least one Chaos night, and most spent a grimy late one down the pier dancing like idiots and spilling Newcastle Brown all over the place. I’ve a lot of fond memories of the earlier days at Chaos, mostly after skating and sitting in the pub saying I’m not going. Not this week. Then 8 pints later jumping in a taxi…

If you have any stories or cool photos from Chaos we’d love to see them. Or even some of the old flyers. There have been some pretty interesting designs over the years. I’ll always remember the photo flyer of the kid on the dance floor with a girl and his ‘wandering hands’.

Jay Dunstan got in contact and had this to say:

“To coincide with our 20th Birthday on Saturday 26th November – we’re announcing that this will be the last ever “Chaos”.

Starting in 1991 at South Parade Pier, moving to the Wedgewood rooms in 2008 – we’ve been crowned the South Coasts longest running Independent Club night, winning The Guide Awards “Best club night”, “Best DJs” (x 2) and the promoters Ped & Jay being awarded a special award for contribution to the Portsmouth Music Scene. Chaos has provided Dj’s and club nights at Guilfest, Southsea Fest & Isle of Wight Festivals.

Having been a constant in our lives and the Portsmouth clubbing & music scene for 2 decades – Its been a very tough decision to stop the regular club night. But we feel that now is the best time to unplug the speakers for the last time.

Chaos was always quite literally about being ‘alternative’ – alternative in music policy, but also offering an alternative to the traditional and mainstream clubs. Our ethos was always simple – play music we liked, to people to we liked & do it prime time on a Saturday night 52 weeks a year!

Our feeling is that the current scene is very different now and although still loving every element of the gigs, festivals and guitars – a regular club night offering everything we did, now isn’t whats required. Clubbers will always want an alternative, but the music scene is now so split and venues, pubs & clubs are all competing for survival – we felt it was a good opportunity to step back, take a deep breath & raise a glass to rock n roll!

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of Chaos over the last 20 years – venue managers, bar staff & door stewards – sound & light technicians – – street teams – performers & bands and of course the roll call of DJ’s past & present that have provided the soundtrack to so, so, so many silly, drunken and above all fun Saturday nights.

Hey ho, lets go!”

The 20th Birthday & Last EVER Chaos – Saturday 26th November 2011

Flyer: Chaos Flickr

  1. Charlie

    10 October

    Memories of the pier…good times…

  2. Ben Mills

    10 October

    Being a Chaos dj was great fun especially at a young age and i’m proud to say I was a part of it, i’ve had many crazy times there. I’ll be spinning at the last ever one alongside the others so hope to see you there!

  3. Paul Gonella

    10 October

    I remember fearing for my life at the pier when Firestarter came on and I was fighting to stay upright on the dancefloor. The best of times.

    Such a shame something with an untouchable legacy has to end. Is it dying, or just going in to cold storage for a bit?

    Will be there for the last one for sure.

  4. tommy p

    10 October

    Morgs looking fresh on that flyer!

  5. Team spaniels

    11 October

    I bet he looks fresh – amazingly that was 14 years ago!!!!!

  6. Darren

    20 June

    I have a playlist on Spotify called CHAOS – Albert Tavern, The Golden Years. At the moment it is just filled with the tracks that take me right back to the end of the pier during 2002-2005 before I moved away to Uni.

    I’ve made it open to anyone so please go ahead and add those tracks that made Chaos the most amazing night ever for you!

    If anyone knows legendary Chaos DJ Will Chump, get him on the case too!

  7. Susan Pike

    29 February

    I met my husband in Chaos in 1995!

  8. Susan

    29 February

    I met my husband in Chaos in 1995!

  9. PC Kennedy

    3 August

    I remember Super Chaos, it was amazing, and the toilets! Pissing ‘in’ the urinal was unusual.

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