PCM Affordable Art Sale at Bonzo Studio – Re...

PCM Affordable Art Sale at Bonzo Studio – Review

Portsmouth Creative Movement and friends held their affordable art sale at the Bonzo studio on Albert Road over the weekend. Originally planned for Saturday the sale ran on through Sunday and is also open today too. The studio side of Bonzo was home to over ten different artists, photographers and craftpersons showcasing their affordable work on the main walls and on some of the desks. The walls were in essence a mini exhibition but this time with works ranging in price from £100 all the way down to a pocket money £4, ensuring every visitor spent plenty of time taking everything in and most likely going home with a few choice items. All the artists were also available for a chat too about their work, process, cat flea treatments and so on.

Hopefully this event will return sooner rather than later and if you have time you can still nip down there this afternoon and maybe get involved. Props to Bonzo and PCM and all involved in making this event happen.

Photos by Matt Maber. Last photo is my personal haul, all for a smidge over £20.


  1. Matthew Maber

    3 October

    I picked up one of Katie Pascoe’s (5th photo down). I bought the last of the 3 prints lying down, ants =D

  2. mydogsighs

    3 October

    big probs to leila, mr kemp and karl at bonzo for making this happen.

  3. Phil Hale

    12 November

    Could we get one of these artist to re-paint the Ice Cream Kiosk on the sea front, (along Clarence Esplanade). With so much talent in Portsmouth, it’s depressing that the Kiosk is in such a boring, out-of-date, run-down state.
    It could still be something on the theme of Ice Creams / Seaside, just 1000 times better !!

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