Friends of Pet Sounds #09 – Roland Clarke

Friends of Pet Sounds #09 – Roland Clarke

Roland is a man after my own heart, He can often be found at the Dog when I play records and is one of the few people I know who really gets Pet Sounds, you can tell this by his regular requests. These are ‘Save Me’ by Nina Simone, Anything by Duran Duran or ‘Tears’ by 80s indie band The Chameleons. I like playing songs for Ro. So it’s with great pleasure that I hand things over to him this week. He originally came to me with a YouTube mix, which was admittedly brilliant, however, not in keeping with the format. After going away and digging deep, I think he’s come back with one of the best realised playlists yet. So, take it away my man…

About Roland: That bloke at the bar, the one with the hair and the Guinness.

About this playlist: I randomly stumbled across the last track, “Polaroid Roman Photo – Ruth” on youtube and when Charlie launched Friends of Pet Sounds he suggested I make a playlist based around it. So, the criteria for being in the list became: European, late seventies to mid-eighties, mostly electronic, a bit experimental or quirky and still “fresh” sounding. The research I did revealed a set of genres I knew little about (SynthPop / Neue Deutsche Welle / NewWave / ColdWave / SynthWave / DarkWave ) which I’ve lumped together under a catch all title of Post Punk. The other thing I’ve tried to do was use examples that cover a broad emotional range; from brilliant pop silliness like Da Da Da – Trio, through to the epic moodiness of Twinkling Stars – Nine Circles. I’ve put Kraftwerk first as a sort of reference point, something most people will know. I’m so pleased Charlie asked for this because I’ve really enjoyed the challenge and completely fallen in love with these tunes.

Grab the Pet Sounds playlist HERE and check the past playlists HERE.

‘European Post Punk 1978 – 1985’

01 The Man Machine – Kraftwerk 1978 German
02 Victim de Societe – Telex 1979 Belgian
03 Triangle – Jacno 1979 French
04 Kebab Träume – D.A.F 1980 German
05 Dilemma – Moderne 1981 French
06 Twinkling Stars – Nine Circles 1982 Dutch
07 The Devil’s Dancers – Oppenheimer Analysis 1982 English
08 Da Da Da – Trio 1982 German
09 A Gift of Tears – Jeunesse D’ Ivoire 1983 Italian
10 Felicita – Deux 1983 French
11 Mit Dir – Robert Gorl 1983 German
12 Collapsing New People – Fad Gadget / Einstürzende Neubauten 1983 British / German
13 Anyway – Oto 1984 French
14 Come Back to Sarah – End of Data 1984 French
15 Polaroid Roman Photo – Ruth 1985 French


  1. Pudding Snack!

    28 July

    About bloody time this man was celebrated.

  2. Ben Mills

    29 July

    Banger of a playlist Roly! I’ve listened to it twice through this morning already

  3. Charlie (Pet Sounds)

    30 July

    I told you right Mills ?

  4. Simon Cairns

    2 August

    Well Roland, apart from the adverts for insurance etc, very good playlist. D.A.F is someone I will deffo be checking out properly, Thanks.

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