OG Southsea artist, screenprint virtuoso and friend to many Spencer Hunt was very seriously hurt in Brighton on Friday night/Saturday morning (15th/16th) and Spencer’s family and Sussex Police are desperately trying to find out what happened. If you know Spencer or anyone in Brighton who may be able to help please spread the word with the following link via Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc.

Spencer is in intensive care but is on the mend, get well soon and all the best.

Appeal by Sussex Police

  1. saffron hunt

    18 July

    it was Friday night/Saturday morning (15th/16th) thanks x

  2. Paul Gonella

    18 July

    Sorry Saff, will fix now

  3. That’s bad news indeed, Spee’s a top boy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a solution to the mystery.

  4. Ben Mills

    19 July

    Get well soon Spee

  5. Rusty Sheriff

    19 July

    Get well soon chief

  6. Elle Sexton

    21 July

    Get well soon Spee, we love you x

  7. Tom Dangerous

    23 July

    Sending you love through the airwaves, Spee.

    See you soon, mush. Be good and get well.



  8. My goodness, I’m amazed at how sweet everyone has been!

    Thank you Tristan and the Strong Island Crew and commenters for your concern and well wishes – a massive thanks also to my rather brilliant sister for all sorts of support and care behind the scenes – I love you.

    Referred to in the media and police reports as the thin white reveller, I can happily assure you that despite the lack of brawn, I am indeed made of strong stuff and have made an almost full recovery from rather hectic head surgery in little over a fortnight – I am blessed…

    Once again, I want to thank anyone and everyone who sent me a kind message – every one was a ray of sunshine that warmed more than you’d realise …please all give your loved ones an extra note/text/squeeze of affection tonight – life is incredibly unpredictable and fragile it seems (unless you have Nordic Giant Engineer genes it seems)

    Big up Le Pomp and my Southsea buds – see you soon! (though I’ll not be drinking for a month or two!)

    Spencer x

  9. Spencer

    2 August

    Edit *cheers Gonz – look forward to catching up*

  10. Nikki D

    6 February

    Spee, please email me. I notice that the date is from last year so I’m hoping you are all better now. I was trying to get hold of you and found this, hope you are ok!!

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