Friends of Pet Sounds #07 – Jackson Hyde

Friends of Pet Sounds #07 – Jackson Hyde

Jackson is an average student, with an on-and-off again girlfriend, that’s pretty bored in Silver City, New Mexico. Since he was young, he’s been taught by his parents to fear water…they don’t want him near it because his true parents would be able to locate him. Not to mention certain changes happen to Jackson when he gets in the water….No wait, wrong Jackson Hyde, sorry.

Jackson is a self-confessed neck-bearded curmudgeon who can normally be found devouring roll ups outside of pubs. He responds well to conversations about rap music, Bill Murray and the importance of R2D2 in the original (and only) Star Wars trilogy. Here are a few words from him about his choice for playlist;

“Music! Isn’t it great?! Guitars, drums, glockenspiels – the whole nine yards. Some people love music so much that they chop up their favourite songs into little bits (samples) and make whole new songs, isn’t that clever? What’s even more interesting is that now everyone has computers embedded into their underwear, anyone can grab some samples and cobble together something that resembles music. Fantastic! Sounds simple right? Unfortunately not…

It’s all too easy to spend days trawling charity shops for a nice piece o’ vinyl to sample, only to come away with three Everly Brothers LP’s, an Engelbert Humperdinck Karaoke Compilation and a six piece box set of Gaelic Poetry. This is bad, and will bring great shame to you and your family. Thankfully, there’s plenty of good music out there to sample but you probably won’t find it in your local Sue Ryder. If you want to be the next DJ Shadow, but don’t know your arse from your Amens, then this playlist is for you. To save some of you the time, crystal touting folk enthusiasts that still haven’t forgiven Dylan for going electric can piss off back to the drum circle from whence they came.”

Thanks Jackson, and if you can indeed Guess The Sample, send your answers on a postcard. Grab the Pet Sounds playlist HERE and check the past playlists HERE.

‘Guess The Sample’

01 I Got The… – Labi Siffre
02 Funky Worm – Ohio Players
03 The Big Beat – Billy Squier
04 The Champ – The Mohawks
05 Harlem Shuffle – Bob & Earl
06 Secretary – Betty Wright
07 As Long As I’ve Got You – Charmels
08 The Edge – David McCallum
09 Tu Vuo Fa L’Americano – Renato Carosone
10 Bird’s Lament – Moondog
11 Organ Donor – Leftie’s Soul Connection
12 Fungii Mama – Kenny Barron
13 Flute Thing – Seatrain
14 Cavern – Liquid Liquid
15 I Chase The Devil – Max Romeo


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