The Strong Island Exhibition at The Round Tower

The Strong Island Exhibition at The Round Tower

All is finally revealed and we have some rather exciting news for you today. It’s our announcement of the 1st Strong Island local creatives exhibition at The Round Tower in Old Portsmouth. The Round Tower and surrounding buildings are currently being turned into a contemporary creative quarter and for the past two years extensive work has been done to clear out the interiors, fix leaks and identify usage.

The Round Tower is now soon to be opened as a continuing gallery space and Strong Island are proud to be involved in the very first exhibition. Over 30 local creatives have been invited to participate and we will soon be revealing the names. You can follow the progress of the gallery space and each individual creative over at www.theroundtower.co.uk. Paul Gonella is currently making a documentary of the progress leading up the exhibition and this will be available to view on the website in due course.

We will be making a pretty huge thing of this in the coming weeks and really hope that you can all make it down to have a look and say hello. Remember it’s you the readers, contributors, creatives and locals that make Strong Island what it is and this exhibition is a direct result of this. We appreciate everything that people have done for us to reach this point. Having the first exhibition at The Round Tower is a huge honour for us, and we must say a incredible thank you to Claire Sambrook who has arranged and helped organise the whole thing.

Dates of the exhibition: Launch Night – Friday 15th April from 6pm. Open to the public 16th April – 1st May 10-3pm.

Posters and Logo have been designed by Tristan Savage and the website by Paul Gonella. Thanks to Stephan, Paul and Jack from Badger Press for helping with the screen-printed posters.

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  1. Matthew Cleveland

    12 February

    So the rumours were true!
    Will the Launch night be invite only?

    On another note, any chance of getting a poster or two? I’ve a nice big window on the seafront to put it in!

  2. claire sambrook

    12 February

    Hey Matthew – all welcome to the launch!
    yes I can let you have a few posters – sounds great to put in the window. Email me : claire.sambrook@port.ac.uk :] ta

  3. Chris

    14 February

    Really looking forward to this. Could I have a poster as well please? :).

  4. equality

    28 February

    This exhibition looks brilliant. It’s really good to see Portsmouth being promoted as a city and not just a suburb. What criteria did you use to choose the artists?

  5. claire sambrook

    28 February

    most of the artists have been featured on this blog and also university students.
    Thanks for the props

  6. Thanks for the posters Claire, they look great! I wasn’t expecting the original screenprints! I’ll be passing one onto Lou of Ooh la Lapin to pop into her window too.

    Thanks again.

  7. Carol Stickland

    29 March

    Well done, what a great idea, can’t wait to see the exhibition. Are there going to be opportunities for “ordinary” ie amateur, artists to exhibit in the future, and if so, how can I be involved?

  8. Tristan Savage

    29 March

    Hey Carol, thanks for the kind words. Regarding exhibiting your best best it to get in contact directly through the new Round Tower website at http://www.theroundtower.co.uk/. This is the first exhibition there and we are very proud to be the front runners. There is plenty more in the pipeline for the Round Tower but you would need to speak to them direct. All the best.

  9. Ben

    7 April

    I know it’s a little late, but I have a place right next to the Uni with some good real estate that I’d be happy to put a poster in the front window of!

  10. Tony Moon

    25 April

    Have just seen a piece on the exhibition on the Southern News, looking forward to going, is there any where I can purchase one of the posters?

  11. Paul Gonella

    25 April

    Hi Tony, do you mean the printed posters which are pieces in the exhibition or the actual Strong Island Exhibition posters? I’m not sure if there are any hand screened copies of the exhibition posters left but there might be some laser printed ones at The Round Tower. Many of the pieces of work in the exhibition are also available as prints, both hand screen and printed too. Pop by and have a look through or ask at the small shop in the Tower and we hope you really enjoy the exhibition!

  12. Tony Moon

    25 April

    Hi Paul, Thanks for that, I look forward to seeing the exhibition, and will check out any posters on offer.

  13. claire sambrook

    26 April

    Hi Tony – if you go and see Fark in the Round Tower – there are some large laminated posters behind the shop counter – you can have one of those if you want and there was also a screen printed version in the rack. It might have gone though :[

  14. Went to this on Friday. Amazing exhibition in such an amazing space. Wish i’d seen it before, rather than a few days before it ended.

    Will you run it again some time later this year or next?

  15. thank you for the comment – glad you liked it. There will be more exhibitions and events throughout the year. Until it gets too cold in there :] keep checking the website for info :
    thanks for the support

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