Deane Clark’s Portsmouth Book

Deane Clark’s Portsmouth Book

Launched in December, Deane Clark’s Portsmouth book is now available to purchase. The book is published and designed by local company Tricorn Books and features 160 pages of Drawings and Illustrations charting Portsmouth’s historic buildings
“I have been inspired to sketch and photograph Portsmouth, my home town, since I was eleven years old” said Deane. You can purchase his book from publishers Tricorn Books or via Amazon.


  1. eugene noble

    12 January

    very nice illustrations!

  2. Pudding Snack!

    12 January

    Top block is Deane…..

  3. Paul Gonella

    12 January

    LOVE the watercolour

  4. ian keel

    12 October

    his wonderful book, Dean Clarks Portsmouth, reminded me so much of my youth, that when I read his preface it brought tears to my eyes. Please may I purchase another singed copy to send to an old friend in Saskatoon.

  5. ian keel

    12 October

    I had hoped to contact Dean, to congratulate him on the wonderful book he has provided for us to weep over end open time and again. I have to admit that when I read his forward it brought a tear to my eyes, just to be reminded of my youth around the roads that Dean mentioned. Please may I purchase another signed copy, as I wish to share Deans Portsmouh with another old friend living in Saskatoon.

  6. Tristan Savage

    12 October

    Hey Ian. We can’t sell you a copy, but the link is in the article. Hope you get a copy soon.

  7. claire sambrook

    12 October

    Hi Ian – I have sent on your comment to Deane also

  8. Gail Baird

    13 October

    Hello Ian. Deane is away at the moment, but as his publishers, Tricorn Books we can help. Please give us a call on 02392 736271 or email me: gail.baird@131design.org – and we’ll sort it out. Look forward to hearing from you. Gail

  9. To Ian Keel.

    17 November

    Deane is back now. Phone us on 92 732912 to arrange to collect a copy.
    Celia Clark

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