Portsmouth Fury

The Basketball season kicked off last week for one of the city’s teams Portsmouth Fury, who compete in the Solent league division 1.  Unfortunately they lost their opening encounter against bitter rivals Southampton Uni A but they have a chance to redeem themselves in the reverse fixture this Thursday.  They play their home fixtures at Highbury College in Cosham and all games are free to spectators.  Portsmouth is also represented in this division by Portsmouth Smugglers and it’s good to see the city being represented on two fronts.  Below is the seasons fixture list for Portsmouth Fury.

Fri 22nd October – FURY vs. Southampton Uni A
Thurs 4th November – Southampton Uni A vs. FURY
Fri 12th November – FURY vs. Solent Kestrels
Fri 19th November –  FURY vs. Hythe Stags
Mon 22nd November – Weymouth Bandits vs. FURY
Wed 8th December – Portsmouth Smugglers vs. FURY
Fri 17th December – FURY vs. Bournemouth Bears
Fri 14th January – FURY vs. Winchester Wasps
Tues 22nd February – Solent Kestrels vs. FURY
Mon 28th February – Bournemouth Bears vs. FURY
Fri 18th March – FURY vs. Portsmouth Smugglers
Tues 22nd March – Hythe Stags vs. FURY
Fri 1st April – FURY vs. Weymouth Bandits
Thurs 7th April – Winchester Wasps vs. FURY


  1. cmckelvey

    27 October

    Portsmouth Smugglers all the way!!

  2. Pudding Snack!

    27 October

    Check out the tall bearded guy on the left!

    Looks like the sort of guy who would sell you a dvd player in a pub….

  3. Junior Bruce

    27 October

    Valentine Warner, front row, second from left.

  4. Ben Mills

    27 October

    RE Pudding Snack;

    He also looks like Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink the old Hull City striker. Now at Rapid Vienna I do believe….

  5. Pudding Snack!

    27 October

    RE MillS;


  6. Micky Byrne

    27 October

    Portsmouth Smugglers suck big time. Portsmouth Fury all the way. Fact!

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