Tearing Down The House – Roller Hockey Club

Tearing Down The House – Roller Hockey Club

It has been on the cards for a while now but finally yesterday the old Roller Hockey Club House at Southsea Skatepark was torn down. It had become unstable and hadn’t been used for a while. I was lucky enough to gain entry back last year and took a few photographs. If anybody has any old photographs of the club house seen in better times then please let us know.

The Old Days - Roller Hockey Club
Free Art and Live Painting Event at Southsea Skatepark

Lots of exciting plans at the Skatepark so watch this space.

This photo of Cody taking a leap of faith form the club house roof has always been a winner in my book.


  1. Paul Gonella

    13 October

    Looks so strange without it

  2. Steve

    13 October

    Had some great partys in there back in the early 80’s!

    Hope they put the space to good use.

  3. tom maisey

    15 October

    Hey, good to see an article on SHRC. We still just about play and are currently struggling to find decent venues in portsmouth. Would you believe the majority of places turn us down because we use roller skates?

    If you want some pictures ask simon – he runs the southsea skate park website i believe.

  4. claire sambrook

    15 October

    email david.evans@portsmouthcc.gov.uk at the council. He is Seafront manager and there might be someplace to use behind his offices which is behind the tennis courts?
    Let me know how you get on.

  5. Peter

    19 October

    Sadly the clubhouse went into decay when we lost access to the rink for roller hockey. Ramps that were too big to move easily was the start

    There was also a lot of vocalised bad feeling from other park uses about our using the rink, including one occasion (which appeared to be condoned by the club manager at the time) when we were verbally abused over the tannoy system

    What most current users dont realise is that prk is only there now because the roller hockey club ran it during the 90′s when the council weren’t interested and wanted to close it.

    At the same time we also kept an eye on the fabric of the place and taking action if repairs were needed

    Current plans mooted for the park don’t sound encouraging in terms of roller hockey returning to the park

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