I’m actually lost for words here and proper angry over this. Well, I’ve got plenty of words but none that I’ll say on Strong Island. Last night at 2.30am Firefighters were called out after reports that the Luna Park Dinosaur was on fire. I can’t get my head round this to be honest.

Check out the News for the full article as my hung over ramblings aren’t really cutting it. Hopefully seafront CCTV will catch the idiots that had nothing better to do than destroy something that children, adults and family’s like all enjoyed.

Release your aggression in the comments section below.


  1. Dan Jones

    1 October

    absolutely disgusting… unfortunately the actions of the few only go to reinforce the negative stereotypes associated with the city.

  2. Martin

    1 October

    Words cant express the anger I feel

  3. Ollie

    1 October

    +1 Dan Jones.

    Its such a shame especially when people work so hard to get bring these sort of things to portsmouth!

  4. Rusty Sheriff

    1 October

    Absolutely furious. Some of the people on this island of our don’t deserve culture like this. They’ve spoilt it for us and ruined Portsmouth (and Southsea’s) reputation again. I feel let down, and want justice for dino…

  5. Gareth

    1 October

    It makes me very very sad. All of us try so hard to make people realise there is so much more to Portsmouth but then this sort of thing happens. Southsea is the powering force behind it but then idiots just come and ruin it (for a fine past example think about Love Albert Road day!).

    I really hope they find the scumbags that did this.

  6. Steve

    1 October

    I can’t believe how angry I am about this today.

    Having moved to Southsea only 6 years ago, I’m well aware of outsiders perspective of the city. I have fought hard to change people views citing examples such as Love Albert Rd Day and things the common has to offer…once again I find myself being ashamed by the actions of the few.

  7. Sandy Colwell

    1 October

    I felt absolutely deflated when I saw the burnt dinosaur this morning. I’m am disgusted and embarrassed for our city. Who are these people that have to spoil wonderful things for others. It gave so much pleasure to old and young alike this summer. I really hope they find out who did this.

  8. nick

    1 October

    we should recreate the event for fireworks day! make it a yearly event… remember dino the way she would have liked it 🙂

  9. claire sambrook

    1 October

    it’s such a shame as I was becoming quite attached to it.

    It has become extinct :[

  10. Martin

    1 October

    Why is it that if you leave anything unguarded in this city for long enough, some tw@t or tw@ts will ruin it. Look at the Zurich building.

  11. Pudding Snack!

    1 October

    Completely senseless act.

    I sincerely hope that the people responsible are held to account.

    Feels like we have taken two steps back.

  12. Paul Gonella

    1 October

    So, so depressing. No other artist or gallery will lend this city public artwork or sculpture again because of this.

    The police really need to treat this as more than vandalism and as a serious crime with serious punishment. A crime that has effected Southsea and the city as a whole and a punishment that deters people from doing something like this again.

  13. Martin

    1 October


  14. Sophie

    1 October

    I’m absolutely dumb-founded that anyone would do such a thing. I feel for the creators – it must be so disheartening for them.

  15. PaulThurlow

    1 October

    I am so depressed about this senseless act , absolutely agree that this should be treated as a criminal act and suitable punishment metred. In fact I’m numb. Art takes all forms and this was wondrous.

  16. Miss Cufuffle

    2 October

    I am quite sad that on the same night I was celebrating Southsea at Strong Island’s birthday party some douche decided to burn down the Dino. The end of Lunar’s tour and the last time Portsmouth gets lent anything nice.

  17. Dean

    4 October

    Wasnt the best material though was it? Concrete would have been better.

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