Discover the Dockyard

This weekend (Friday 19th – Monday 22nd March) Portsmouth’s historic dockyard is offered a special discount offer where local residents can discover/re-discover the docks for only £5. To take advantage of this fantastic offer, residents just need to bring a utility bill and photo ID with them, any day between the 19th-22nd March, and their £5 ticket will be valid for one day to visit all the attractions. If you haven’t been in ages (guilty) now is a perfect opportunity to look around the Warrior, Victory, Mary Rose and the docks.

Tom visited recently and took some great photos, more over on Tom’s photo diary blog.


  1. Pudding Snack!

    17 March

    The dockyards are a great place, if you can do a guided tour of the Victory, they take you through all the levels of the ship showing the sort of condition the press ganged sailors had to endure. Also check out the sail from the Victory, complete with cannon ball holes from Trafalgar.

    Normally quite an expensive place so take advantage of this offer.

    Definitively worth doing.

    PS: I don’t work in any shape or form for the dockyards, just like the place.

  2. Paul

    17 March

    Wish I could take Friday or Monday off work to go (as I imagine the weekend is going to be hectic). Not been since 2000 so really want to go for a wander around with my camera thanks to Tom’s photos.

    Really don’t take advantage of what’s on my doorstep…still not been up the tower.

  3. Lou

    17 March

    I’ve been meaning to take advatage of this offer for ages so thanks for the reminder. I’m gonna take my little ones on Friday and will take some pics too!

  4. Pudding Snack!

    17 March

    I too tend to forget what we have on our doorstep, the dockyards should be celebrated more though. They are what Portsmouth are historically about.

  5. Tristan

    17 March

    Me and Andy took a detour ride to the Dockyards at the weekend and weren’t aloud to walk around with our bikes. Deadly weapons.

    Seriously though. It’s a great all in one attraction that often has amazing exhibits. Me and Liz went to see The Titanic exhibition. Incredible step into a historic past.

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