New Seafront Cycle Route!

New Seafront Cycle Route!

Well, well, well. All very interesting. The plans for the new seafront cycle proposal are going to the PCC Cabinet next Monday 9th November for a final decision. The route proposal is for a cycle path to be inserted between the sea wall and the parking spaces. Take a look at the final pages on the report to see what that means. Check it out HERE.

I for one think this is a good thing. I always understood the issues with riding on the Promenade and choose to ride on the road anyway, but, it can be dangerous with reversing cars. This route would hopefully help lower the danger of reversing cars and bikes meeting. If however the cycle path is too skinny then people who use the seafront to train will still ride the on the main road. Also what’s to stop idiots in cars pulling into parking spaces and not noticing the cycle path in front of them. Hopefully it will be curbed to prevent this.

Anyway, I don’t want to appear as negative. It’s a really good thing and a huge, if not belated step forward for Portsmouth cyclists.


Oh, and incase you missed it in that article, it’s not on the prom. Just to clear that up. Ha.

  1. Paul

    4 November

    Big step in the right direction, I guess. I imagine it will be narrow though, like the bit running from just beyond the pier to the red flat.

    I do worry about kids running from between cars towards the beach, could be really dangerous, at least with cycling on the prom you have space and full visibility, both as cyclists and walkers, runners, etc.

  2. Pudding Snack!

    4 November

    One step in the right direction for sure.

  3. Martin

    4 November

    1.2m wide cycle lanes, that’s pretty tight if there’s cyclists passing each other (unless I’ve misinterpreted the plans).
    Having said that, anything’s better than it is now.

  4. Phil

    4 November

    Is it going to be on the prom?

  5. Tristan

    4 November

    Kids running out is quite scary actually. I ride the seafront at about 25pmh or more (wind permitting of course). That’s gonna hurt all parties in a collision.

  6. Tristan

    4 November

    @ Phil. It’s proposed to be on the road, behind the current car parking spaces.

  7. Martin

    4 November

    …and what about South Parade to Clarence Pier?

  8. Tristan

    4 November

    @ Martin. I’d assume it’s one way in the direction from Eastney. Two way would be just stupid.

  9. Phil

    4 November

    @Tristan I was being sarcastic, in reference to the headline in the article.. must invent a ‘tone of voice’ module for the internet.

  10. Paul

    4 November

    Good point about the missing second half of the seafront from the plans, it was outside the D-Day museum someone was seriously hurt the other month. Not to mention the number of people reversing out without looking from the sea life centre up to the hovercraft.

  11. Paul

    4 November

    Oops, just reread the report, this is just the first phase

  12. Tristan

    4 November

    @ Phil. Ha, sorry. You’d be surprised the questions we’re asked that are quite apparent.

    Fucking Hovercraft route is the most dangerous part of the seafront. I ride the whole road and piss off plenty of motorists to insure I don’t get hit by some impatient father tearing his kids away from the kites on the common. Deadly.

  13. Martin

    4 November

    Damn that skim reading! I just went for the pictures

  14. Tristan

    4 November

    Yet they say it will be built over the next few months.

  15. Tristan

    4 November

    I think Phase 1 is to extend the route. I guess we’ll see the outcome on Monday.

  16. Martin

    4 November

    I will ask Hugh Mason for info the next time I share a lift with him

  17. Sikes

    4 November

    flash mob prom ride…?

  18. Dang-R-Us

    4 November

    let’s hope they don’t properly carve it up. could be brilliant, could be shite.

  19. Hilary Reed

    4 November

    This is Phase One. The News has its knickers in a twist re parking. Guess the reporter has also mis-skim read as well. Research shows there is enough parking for 364 days a year. With PCC it is softly softly catchee monkeeeee. Please folks lobby your ward councillors, and Gerald vernon JAckson with your support before Monday. This is a good step forward, better than doing nothing. Parallel parking is better than eche
    ehgelon parking, though never perfect. With budgets shrinking, if we dont get this now, it will be years away.

  20. Paul

    10 November

    Great news, a step forward. Strong Island is a better source of local information, than the poxy News Website.

    The buffer zone, will infortunately not stop the public who can’t see farther then their own nose stepping into cycle traffic, but no doubt as in Copenhagen and Amsterdam,everybody will co exist

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