Review: Jamie T at Portsmouth Guildhall

Review: Jamie T at Portsmouth Guildhall

This week saw Jamie T’s complete his The Theory Of Whatever UK tour at Portsmouth’s Guildhall on a cold November evening. Eager fans braved the cold and the large queue of people waiting for the doors to open snaked around the perimeter of the Guildhall.

First up were the 86TVs, a quick Google search didn’t provide me with too much information but it turns out they are the latest outfit from former Maccabee’s Felix & Hugo White along with brother Will and Jamie Morrison, their set and new sound is a far cry from their former glory but with promise as to what is to come.

Tonight the 2,500 strong sold-out crowd were there for one person and that was South London troubadour Jamie T (Treays) and it is clear that they came to embrace the chaos that is a Jamie T show, with drinks flying in the air.

Set opener ‘Brand New Bass Guitar’ from his seminal first album Panic Prevention sets the tone for this evening while this may be ‘The Theory of Whatever Tour’ in promotion of the new album the set is loaded with those firm fan favourites, this was followed by ‘Operation.’

Before launching into the next song Treays propositions the crowd that if they don’t touch him and give him space that he would do a couple of songs in the crowd, after a bit of back and forth with the crowd they open a space up and with that he jumps down and performs in the middle of Portsmouth Guildhall.

The night is a mixed one with the pace of the evening having moments of almost awkward silence and momentum with the crowd is lost on occasion, but with set closers ‘Sheila’ ‘Sticks and Stones’ and finally ‘Zombie’ the crowd is back to fine chaotic form.

It might not be polished, and it might at times had a lull but Jamie T brought that mid-naughties indie rock raucous nostalgia back tonight here in Portsmouth.

Photos: David Rutherford


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