Review: Head Jam 2021

We’re used to seeing local artists painting, pasting and spraying the streets of Southsea, but finding them huddled at the back of a barbershop in Albert Road was something out of the ordinary.

Eight artists, each occupying a space of garden wall, took up residency at Head Hairdressing for Men on Saturday the 14th August and we went there to check it out.

We cycled down early in the morning and were greeted by Rick Christie, owner of Head, who showed us around. Head is one of the most unique and eccentric barbershops we have ever stepped foot in and there’s certainly no shortage of creative flare. Surrounding us was a selection of old school toys, plush leather sofas, local artwork and its very own filter coffee station.

We made our way out into the garden where we caught up with familiar faces like local artists Roo Abrook and Farkfk, who have recently opened a new studio The Corner Collective at the opposite end of Albert Road. We chatted to Korp who was preparing stencils for his ‘Bring the Paint’ poster, while Winnie May and Oopsey Art were nearby, colouring in the wall before shaping their final piece.

Completed the day before, “I’ll stand in front of you, I’ll take the force of the blow’’ by M One Art was a particularly impressive piece and one that resonates well with current times. We thanked Midge for sharing details of this event with us, which was rather quiet at this time in the morning, perfect for capturing artists starting their day’s work. As the day went on it was buzzing and it was soon time for us to leave the hustle and bustle of Head’s backyard.

Portsmouth is fast becoming a creative city and regular paint jams like these are certainly fuelling that. Collaborations between local artists and local businesses is at an all-time high and not only does it bring a splash of colour but an interesting focal point too. We regularly enjoy cycling around Southsea on the hunt for new art and installations like the recent My Dog Sighs Inside exhibition and the upcoming Luna Park sculpture. Head Jam featured some of our favourite local articles and it’s certainly worth popping in to Head to admire their work, visitors are always welcome.

Words: Helen Newman (LiveLifeLoveCake)
Photos: Southsea Snapper



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