Limited Edition Brickwoods Brew Tees – Pre-O...

Limited Edition Brickwoods Brew Tees – Pre-Order Ends Soon!

If you’re a Portsmouth local there is a very good chance that you’ve heard the name Brickwoods. A brewery that is synonymous with Portsmouth brewing and pub history. Brickwoods ceased brewing in 1983 but their old tile work and vintage bricks can be found on a few remaining pubs in Portsmouth & Southsea reminding us they had over a century in the Portsmouth brewing industry.

History seems to be broken and vague in places whilst researching but we’re looking back to at least 1851 when Fanny Brickwood bought the Cobden Arms Brewery on Arundel Street, Landport, and maybe further back to 1705 and the founding of The Portsmouth Brewery. By 1914 there were only four breweries operational in Portsmouth, with Brickwoods having 333 public house licences.

The Brickwoods ‘mascot’ if you will is something (or someone) we’ve known about for a long time. You can’t be interested in Portsmouth history and not come across him. Affectionately known as ‘Little Bricky’ we’ve paid homage to the well-known character and brought him back to life in an exclusive design that is available now for pre-order in a 4 colour hand screen printed tee and 2 re-designed double-sided beer mats.

We are launching this new design* exclusively on Pre-Order first before general release. This purchase will guarantee your order. Each tee is individually hand screen printed with 4 colours making this most colours we’ve ever used for printing.

Pre-Order ends on the 20th February at 11.30 pm and we anticipate getting them in our hands for the first week of March. This date may shift slightly depending on the number of orders made much like our Fark VIBES tee which overran due to the incredibly high volume of orders.

This specific Pre-Order is for the main image tee only and two exclusive beer mats. We will stock a limited number in-store and online once we receive the tees, but this of course will not guarantee getting one as many of our designs sell out very quickly.

You can pre-order yours here – strongislandclothingco.com/collections/mens-tees-1/products/little-bricky-mens-tee


  1. janeane nursey

    17 February

    janeanenursey@gmail.com my mums family owned brickwoods originally she was born brickwood unfortunately she passed away on 25th January 2021 due to covid 19

  2. Tony Gatfield

    2 April

    My dad worked at Brickwoods and then Whitbread as a draymen for 34 years. He loved his job and was very proud to tell people about it.
    He also died on 25th January 2021

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