Lockdown Stories: Baby Giant Design Co

Lockdown Stories: Baby Giant Design Co

With lockdown easing but the impact of Covid-19 still very much at the forefront of society, we wanted to hear from local businesses and creatives to discover how it has affected them and how they are managing to restore ‘normality’. In the latest edition, I get to speak with James Martin from south coast designer company, Baby Giant Design Co.

Could you tell me how coronavirus lockdown has affected your business?
In all honesty, our business was up 30-40% over the COVID period – we are based mainly online and have clients across the globe – I think people decided to use this time to start the business ideas they had brewing ready for launch when we came out the other side – so we were super blessed in all fairness. With reference to the government rules, I think they have an extremely difficult job, people will complain whatever they do… people have their own choice and some even ignore their distancing rules to this day so I think it has to come down to the individual to implement their own rules knowing what we do about the virus. With reference to our team its been pretty normal to as we tend to work remotely anyway so there have just been a few zoom calls each week.

How do you feel that the government has supported your sector?
As a small creative agency, we worked all the way through so there were no furlough needs for us.

How have you managed personally with lockdown?
I have been self-isolation for the last 10 years really as a designer so I found the whole ordeal pretty easy… it was a little tough to not see friends and family but we all got together on zoom and the likes over the week… in all honesty, we have probably all talked more over this period than before.

Are there any particular projects that you were working on during lockdown that you can tell us about?
Over the lockdown period I was lucky enough to work with a lot more local based companies which is great as I love working in and around my local community. A great project was the work I did for my buddy Gilo, owner of the Blue Bell Inn in Emsworth, he approached me to help him on his new venture Ahoy Fish and Chips. He converted an old Citroen truck and has transformed it into the most beautiful looking mobile Fish & Chip shop. Playing on the nautical theme and old school tattoo style vibe I created him this crazy cool brand identity that just makes you want to eat fish and chips all day every day.

Do you have any idea what the short or long term future holds for you and your business?
Just going to keep working as at the minute there has been no detrimental effect.. we are an online company so have managed to dodge a lot of the carnage.


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