Looking down on Southsea Skatepark. Drone shot by Jamie Hancock.

Southsea Skatepark by Jamie Hancock

I have no idea what rock I must’ve been living under to have missed this brilliant video as it was originally released four months ago. You might remember Jamie Hancock from when we shared his beautiful short film of Southsea seafront shot from a drone.

Jamie has been working as a Lumix ambassador for a while now and was given access to Southsea Skatepark to test out the Lumix GH5S. With it being the Skatepark’s 40th birthday this month it seems like a great excuse to share this video with you all. The video features the awesome Oakley Way on BMX and Jak Tonge on the skateboard.

Jamie said “The guys at the Southsea Skatepark were kind enough to allow us to come and film with Oakley and Jak. The boys were great to shoot with and it was awesome to see how much everyone down the skatepark loves the place and what they do day to day there.”

“I generally filmed at the 2500 native ISO with the Lumix 12mm and a mixture of 24p and 60p frame rates in camera and to the Atomos Ninja Inferno. The images are stunning and I was blown away with how well the camera performed in the night. There is no de-noise software used in this edit and is pretty much straight out of the camera with a couple of minor tweaks. We also didn’t use any additional lighting in any of the shots. Almost all shots were filmed using a gimbal and an electric skateboard for the opening shots. I filmed a few additional aerial shots with the DJI Inspire with the X5 / 15mm lens.”


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