No. 6 Cinema Entrance. Taken by Paul Gonella

Stu’s Picks For No 6 – June 2018

This June the team of volunteers behind the No. 6 Cinema are continuing to offer an awesome selection of movies. If you haven’t yet visited the No. 6 Cinema then I highly recommend it. You will find a mix of thoughtful art house cinema, vintage Hollywood classics and new blockbusters all within the historic blockhouse in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

Be sure to check their website for information on how you can buy tickets and find their full listings – www.no6cinema.co.uk.

Mary and the Witch’s Flower (U) | Friday 15th | 7 pm

Mary and the Witch’s Flower is a sublime blend of magic and fantasy that will sweep audiences along with its charming, heartfelt adventure. Combining rollicking action, appealing characters and a thrilling story with the unique richness, art and animation of Studio Ghibli-style storytelling, Mary and the Witch’s Flower reveals a magical world of a school for witches – but the strangely sinister school is no Hogwarts, and our heroine is not even a witch!

Grease (PG) | Saturday 16th | 7 pm

It’s 1958, summer is over and the hormonally-charged seniors of Rydell High are reluctantly returning to school, ready to fall back in with old friends and trade stories of the previous months’ conquests. Danny Zuko, leader of a local greaser gang called the T-Birds, brags to his crew about nights of passion spent on the beach with a mystery girl. Elsewhere, sweet Sandy Olsson – the new girl in town – is taken under the wing of the no-nonsense Pink Ladies and shares fond memories of a brief romance with an unknown sweetheart. When it turns out that Danny and Sandy’s mismatched tales are about each other, Sandy is humiliated and Danny has to win her back. To do so, he’ll have to negotiate all of the romantic rites of passage a teenager in America’s golden age could imagine: jiving school dances, awkward drive-in movies, deadly drag-races and the looming threat of graduation.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner  (12A) | Thursday 21st | 7 pm

A seminal classic of 1960s cinema and one of the enduring peaks of the British New Wave, Tony Richardson’s socially-engaged drama The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner catapulted near-newcomer Tom Courtenay from obscurity to BAFTA-winning stardom. He is rivetingly, harrowingly real as Colin, a troubled, sharp-tongued inner-city teenager from the English Midlands whose criminal ways see him sent to a rural “borstal” youth-prison. Colin’s snarlingly cynical, proto-punk attitudes see him repeatedly clash with the hard-line guards—but the scrawny lad’s unexpected athletic prowess also makes him a favourite of the avuncular governor. Building inexorably to a famously stunning finale that still packs a serious punch, this adaptation of the award-winning short novel by Alan Sillitoe features a gallery of soon-to-be-familiar faces (John Thaw, James Bolam, Edward Fox) in an atmospheric, acerbic and timeless tale of youth in revolt.

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom  (15) | Saturday 23rd | 7 pm
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is the motion picture adaptation of the personal story of one of the world’s most revered leaders, an esteemed statesman in modern history and an international icon, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Based on his autobiography, the motion picture rights to which were entrusted exclusively to producer Anant Singh, this is the first film to tell Mandela’s whole story. The epic film spans Mandela’s exceptional life journey from his early years as a herd boy in rural Transkei to his inauguration as the first democratically elected President of South Africa.

McQueen  (15) | Saturday 30th | 16:15 pm

Known for his striking designs and haute couture collections, McQueen started his career in his teens before rising to stardom as a designer for Givenchy and launching his own label. He was awarded four British Designer of the Year Awards and CFDA’s International Designer of the Year before his tragic death at the age of 40.

This film takes a bold and cinematic approach, using newly shot recreated scenes, motion and photographic archives, audio archives and interviews, exquisite visuals and music, to create an authentic celebration and thrilling portrait of Alexander McQueen.

My Neighbour Totoro (U) | Saturday 30th | 7 pm
While their mother recovers from an illness, Satsuki and her little sister Mei get away from it all in an idyllic rural retreat. Far from the bustle of the city, they discover a mysterious place of spirits and magic, and the friendship of the Totoro woodland creatures. Conceived as a family film devoid of conflict and suffused with the joy of country living, My Neighbour Totoro is a masterpiece for the whole family. It unites the unique vision of Hayao Miyazaki with a feel-good tale of childlike wonder and true originality. A universal classic for all generations, My Neighbour Totoro shows Japanese animation’s famous Studio Ghibli at its very best and is an elegy to two ever-fading miracles: the fairytale world of childhood and the disappearing countryside.


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