Jenna Watt’s Faslane comes to The Spring

Jenna Watt’s Faslane comes to The Spring

As the CND & its iconic peace symbol turn 60 and the renewal of Trident gears up, Jenna Watt’s seminal work Faslane – an unpicking of the conversations centred around the Scottish home of the UK’s nuclear arsenal – continues to be increasingly relevant. Faslane will be at The Spring in Havant on the 31st of May, don’t miss your chance to see the multi award-winning show about what it means to understand both sides of the debate with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe First winning performance.

With family employed at Faslane all her life and friends protesting at the gates, Jenna Watt (How You Gonna Live Your Dash, Flâneurs) explores what happens when the personal and political collide. Faslane is Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde, situated just 34 miles outside Glasgow, home to the UK’s nuclear missile program: Trident. Drawing upon interviews with individuals at the front line of the nuclear debate and featuring an immersive sound design by Kim Moore (Blow Off, Tiger Tale), Jenna navigates her own journey through the politics, protests and peace camps.

A deeply personal yet meticulously researched take on the nuclear debate, Jenna delves into not only the global politics of Trident but also the personal struggle when taking a stance on such a divisive issue. Rejecting a didactic approach, Faslane invites audience members to question their own thoughts on the issue and to interrogate just what a nuclear deterrent really means. The piece represents the culmination of years of research including multiple trips to Faslane, countless Freedom of Information requests, interviews with current and former MOD staff and activists as well as forays into the world of activism by Jenna herself.

Have a watch of the teaser below and find out more plus book tickets HERE.



Jenna Watt standing out in the waters of Faslane, with a submarine on the horizon.


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