The Belle Isle’s New Menu

I’ve never been good at maths but I know that the sun, plus the new Belle Isle menu, equals a sublime, summertime sensation.

Their fresh flavours are straight out of the oven and piping hot. The menu has only been available since the 23rd but it’s already making quite the impression. Especially on me. Inspired by places from around the globe, like Southern America and the Mediterranean, The Belle Isle are serving mouth-watering morsels and blending them with their signature Pompey flare.

The menu is full of choice and caters to dietary requirements and taste bud preferment. What if you don’t fancy much and just want a light snack? Try their juicy olives marinated in tomatoes, garlic and rosemary. Pop one in your mouth and be taken to vibrant markets in the hot sun. Or maybe travel to America to have some beer battered onion rings, dipped in BBQ sauce.

Lunch options are just as tasty with choices such as the Brie and Mango open sandwich or the Chorizo and Red Pepper Brioche. These are all served until 4pm for you to grab and gorge upon during your lunch break. After all, if you’ve been working hard all day, you deserve to treat yourself.

If you are an evening person the dinner choices are vast and delicious with Mexican classics such as the Burrito with either a choice of chilli beef or refried bean. If you are feeling the sea dog spirit why not try the Shipwrecked Mussels with the chef’s signature Thai red curry and cream sauce. It’s a surprise that pays off and adds a burst of colour to your palate – just like the sunset over Southsea Beach.

The Falafel is a great vegetarian choice full of spices and herbs, making each bite fragrant and addictive. If that isn’t enough, tuck into the side of sweet potato fries with homemade hummus and coleslaw. Who said vegetarian options are boring? No one at Belle Isle.

For the meat eaters, why not try the Lamb and Beef Meatballs marinated in rich tomato, port, basil and bean sauce. Each hefty ball is packed tight with high-quality meat and the portions are generous and filling. Feel your eyes roll into the back of your head with each bite that overflows with the tantalising tastes this new menu has refined.

If you aren’t hungry and your mouth isn’t watering at all (which I doubt it) you can still sit outside with a cold beer, watch the world go by and bask in the sun. Exactly how each summer’s day in Portsmouth is meant to be spent.

Website: www.thebelleisle.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/The-Belle-Isle
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TheBelleIsle
Instagram: www.instagram.com/thebelleisle

Emily Priest is a freelance writer and student in Portsmouth studying Creative and Media Writing (BA Hons). From Southampton, she moved to Southsea last year and since then has worked alongside countless local arts companies including Tricorn BooksTrash Arts and The Front Room. She has skills in social media marketing and events management and currently works as a reporter and editor for Star and Crescent. Emily is also the creator of The Southsea Food Tour where she endeavours to sample every eatery in Southsea. You can read these articles and many more at her website emilypriestwriter.com. Emily is very keen to get more involved with the community so if you have a project you want to bring alive or you have a company or product to review, then get in contact with her now at emilypriestwriter@gmail.com.


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